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Mar 3, 2014

Is Bocelli on Your Bucket List?

What’s a bucket list? and who’s Andrea Bocelli? No, you did not just say that!

Okay, let’s take this one step at a time.

A bucket list is “a list of things you want to do before you die,” and comes from the term “kicked the bucket.” The term became popular following the success of a 2007 American comedy-drama by the same name: “The Bucket List.” The main plot follows two terminally ill men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they "kick the bucket.”

But, why wait? You can start your very own bucket list today, and do those things you’ve always wanted to do. You can even track and share your bucket list progress with others on sites like

And, I don’t know about you, but experiencing a MonaVie Black Diamond Celebration would certainly make it on my bucket list. Check out what we’ve got in store for this year’s adventure…

MonaVie Black Diamond Celebration 2014 – Tour of Italy; Andrea Bocelli Concert
This year’s MonaVie Black Diamond Celebration will treat qualifying distributors to the very best that Italy has to offer. MonaVie’s own “Tour of Italy” includes three fun-filled days on the Amalfi Coast, followed by visits to some of the world’s most romantic and beautiful cities: Rome, Florence, and Pisa. Placing an exclamation point on an already scenic and culturally enriching dream vacation is an exclusive Andrea Bocelli concert!

Andrea Bocelli…that’s right! He’s one of the world’s greatest tenors ever! Actually, he’s ranked No. 7, all time, according to this random website’s “Top 10 Greatest Male Tenors” list.

Do you agree? Shouldn’t he be ranked higher? I mean, check out this YouTube duet of him singing “Time to Say Goodbye” with Sarah Brightman (45 million+ views…is that good?).

I was outraged at first when I saw the ranking, but then noticed that Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo—two tenors that I grew up watching my mom watch—and Alfie Boe (my favorite, ever since I saw him perform “Bring Him Home” from the musical Les Miserables) were ahead of him on the list. But why take the word of some random web poll? Experience this for yourself; you be the judge!

Alas, not everyone can experience this. Yeah, it’s true. Qualifying for MonaVie’s premier incentive trip is intense, but well worth it. Just ask any of our previous Black Diamond Celebration attendees.

Qualification Requirements

  • Rank advance to Black Diamond Executive or above between May 11, 2013, and April 4, 2014.
  • Remain Active and Qualified throughout the duration of the qualification weeks.
  • (Existing Black Diamonds) Re-qualify as Black Diamond Executive or above for 50% of the qualification weeks.

But, for our Black Diamond Celebration qualifiers, they will experience first-hand Andrea Bocelli taking the stage at Teatro del Silenzio in his hometown of Lajatico, Italy. Bocelli performs here one night each year, around the time of his birthday. The rest of the year, the venue sits dark. Talk about an exclusive event!

And it all goes down July 13–21, 2014. Click here for more details, and stay tuned! We’ll be recapping the fun after the trip.

And if you want to attend a MonaVie Black Diamond Celebration, but won’t be able to qualify by this year’s deadline, then I’ve got a bucket list action item for you…

Begin today by setting a goal to advance in rank to Black Diamond with MonaVie, so that you can be part of next year’s bucket list–worthy MonaVie Black Diamond Celebration!

I’d love to hear your comments below. What’s on your bucket list? Are you ready to commit to Black Diamond? Let’s hear it…

Remember: Your reach should exceed your grasp!

Brian Gill
VP Marketing Communication, MonaVie

About Brian Gill
I’ve been working in the direct selling industry now for more than 14 years, having previously worked as a distributor for two direct selling companies and then on the corporate marketing side for five different direct selling companies. My role at MonaVie as vice president of communication is to get information out to all of you via our communication channels, and to encourage you to keep the conversations going and the news flowing on your own communication and social networks. I joined MonaVie in 2006 and was one of the company’s first 20 employees. I love to read, hike with my family, and play racquetball and squash.

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