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Aug 29, 2012

Get Motivated to Lose Weight. See Mark Macdonald Live.

So, you know that Mark Macdonald is the spokesman and diet and fitness expert for MonaVie RVL. But have you had the chance to see him live yet? No? Well, if you have purchased your tickets for Acceler8 in Anaheim, CA, September 7–8, 2012, you’ll get to witness this motivational powerhouse in person!

Purchase tickets to Acceler8

Mark also makes regular appearances on CNN as a nutrition and fitness expert. In fact, check him out online by clicking the links below:

Why You Need Protein and Where to Get It
Eating Well on a Budget

While it’s great to see Mark on CNN, it’s definitely better and much more inspiring to see him in person. Here’s why…

If you’ve been struggling with your weight and trying to find the motivation to start on a journey of weight loss, nothing compares to seeing Mark up on the stage—live and in person. He’ll help you understand that weight loss IS possible if you just follow a few simple rules and use MonaVie RVL.

He also fills you in on his own personal struggle with weight and how it has impacted his family. He hasn’t always been the epitome of health, nutrition, and fitness that you see now. He’ll relate some of his and his family’s stories to you so that you can see you are not alone.  

If you’re ready for a dose of complete inspiration and motivation, make sure you are at Acceler8 next week. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

See you in Anaheim!

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