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Apr 12, 2012

Effects of MonaVie Mx on Cellular Turnover

MonaVie Mx combines the functional benefits of three existing MonaVie Juices (Essential, Active, and (M)mun) into a single “3-in-1” formula delivering superior antioxidant protection, joint flexibility, and immune system support.

Through a variety of biochemical mechanisms, MonaVie Mx may also stimulate the body’s natural cellular renewal process known as “autophagy,” which can be thought of as a “housekeeping” and repair process for all the cells in our bodies. This process of cellular turnover is a constant cycle of breakdown and buildup—resulting in a healthier, stronger, and more resilient body. You might think of this process the same way you would think about renovations on a house. Sometimes you put up a new wall (“building”)—and sometimes you need to tear down an old damaged wall (“breakdown”) before you can make repairs. The end result of a house renovation is a stronger house—just as the end result of cellular turnover and autophagy is a healthier body.

In most cases, this process of autophagy—or cellular turnover—is equally balanced between breakdown and buildup, so our bodies are constantly degrading older damaged tissue and replacing it with newer stronger tissue. Occasionally, however, a small percentage of people may experience a greater degree of the “breakdown” side of the turnover equation where their bodies are actively clearing out residual cellular damage. Until the “buildup” side of their turnover process catches up with the accelerated breakdown (until they become re-balanced), some people may experience a range of  "opposite" effects like low-grade headaches, reduced flexibility, or mild gastrointestinal complaints (instead of feeling better right away as most people do).

I prefer to call certain emotional and physical effects in the early days of taking a balancing supplement such as MonaVie Mx as a "transition" or "adaptation" phase, which can last for several days or even several weeks, depending on the person. In the small percentage of people in which this “delayed adaptation” phase occurs, their symptoms tend to go away within a short period of time as their body fully adjusts to its new balance point. Depending on the person, this rebalancing process can take a few days or a few weeks, before their experiences rebalance back toward the expected benefits of improved flexibility, stronger immune system, and improved antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection.

The bottom line is that there will always be some individual differences in people who consume MonaVie Mx—or who consume any of the MonaVie Juice products. Some people will feel great immediately, others will take a period of days to weeks to experience the benefits – and a small percentage of consumers may even feel “worse” for a short period of time as their body adjusts to their new level of cellular turnover. These differences may be due to variations in individual physiology, stress profiles, sleep patterns, diets, underlying health status, and a variety of related factors. Most people will do fine if they can just "work through" those initial experiences because they will feel better after their body fully adjusts.

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