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Jul 30, 2013

CNN iReport Takes Note of MORE Project's Philanthropy Efforts

According to a recent article in Forbes, annual giving increased to $312 billion in 2012. That's good news for a lot of organizations around the world—including The MORE Project. 

As MonaVie Founder and Chairman often says, “If you’ve been blessed, then you better be a blessing.” Fortunately, The MORE Project has been able to continue its great work through the contributions of many distributors in the MonaVie family. It truly is a blessing.

But the work is never finished. There will always be more mouths to feed and beautiful young minds to infuse with knowledge with the children living in the Brazilian favelas.

That’s why we’re excited to see this brief article that appeared in CNN iReport. You can read it below, or click here to read the full article as it appears online.


Philanthropy Efforts Reach Brazil 
by CNN iReport
June 25, 2013

A recent article from Forbes highlights that philanthropy efforts are rising across America. In 2012, $312 billion was donated to various charitable causes, and the efforts reached beyond the United States. Companies and individual donors reached out to people across the globe to help.

A recent blog post from the MORE Project reveals how philanthropy is affecting Brazil. The project helps sponsor children in the country by focusing on education, food and shelter. It also has programs in Thailand and India. The MORE Project was started by MonaVie, a beverage company that produces various fruit blends and has won the Entrepreneur of the Year award, to give back to the community. MORE has shared disturbing statistics about poverty in Brazil that reveal 12 percent of the children live in the streets and more than 100,000 people live in slums.

Brazil provides a good example of how focused philanthropy efforts can actually make a difference. The MORE Project provides school programs, meals, training, housing and other services. MonaVie states that it has donated money to the project since 2005. The recent blog post reveals the efforts are paying off. It is a story of how one 17-year-old boy’s future was transformed from disruptive behavior to a positive role model. The slums in Brazil destroy lives, degrade people and make violence a common everyday occurrence. However, philanthropy is helping to change this pattern.


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