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Jan 3, 2012

If You Could Put Time in a Bottle

The Great Recession. Sure, it's taken its toll in dollars, but it has also put a big squeeze on our work schedules and personal time. 

A recent survey in USA TODAY found that 55% of Americans feel that, during the recession, their workloads have significantly or somewhat increased. 

A second USA TODAY survey posed the question, "Has the recession negatively affected your work-life balance?" 55% of respondents said, "Yes."

Truly, for many, time keeps slipping, slipping, slipping away, and the complete absence of personal time has become their mortal enemy.

We are convinced that the ability to set our own goals—and the ability to manage the time to pursue those goals—are two of the most powerful advantages of being a MonaVie distributor. So, as you talk to potential new MonaVie distributors, don't forget about one of our most valued commodities—time.  Let them know that, by joining MonaVie, they can, indeed, "put time in a bottle."

Whether you’re working with MonaVie on a part-time basis, as a full-time distributor, or are considering joining the MonaVie team to generate additional income, MonaVie is committed to helping you create A More Meaningful Life.

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