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Oct 18, 2010

Tulsa Distribution Center: Filling More Than Orders

Sent in by Pam Jenkins, who had not one but two examples of the dedicated and kind staff working our Tulsa Distribution Center.

In her words:

I called Courtland one evening, and on his day off no less, because a distributor on our team was trying to make her way through all of the construction and it would be past 6:00 when she arrived. Courtand said to tell her to keep going and he would make a call and make sure someone was at the distribution center. Then he said, “No, just tell her someone will be there, if I have to go in myself.” That was so nice and Billie rewarded them all with a cheesecake that she had made at the bakery that she works.

My second story happened last summer. My business partner, Brett Gould, wanted to fly his grandkids in for a couple of weeks, but without one of their parents coming with them, he didn't know how he could care for them since he also owns his own plumbing business. Brett usually only gets to see the kids once a year because they live in Spokane, WA so we put our heads together and me and my husband, Randy, said that they could stay at our house. The two-week journey turned in to a 6-week stay and later Brett’s grandkids were joined by my two grandkids making for one full, and active, house.

One day, I went to pick up an order at the Tulsa Distribution Center and they all asked where I had been.  Alex said, “Hey, I wouldn't mind giving you a break on my day off. Here is my number, text me on Monday and we will make plans for Tuesday.”

What a relief as I definitely needed the break. True to his words, Alex loaded up six kids in the car and headed to the movies, followed by ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Just another example of MonaVie friends and family going above and beyond to help others. Thank you Courtland and Alex for your dedication, and of course to Pam and her husband Randy for opening their home and then passing the goodness to me here at MonaVie HQ so I can share it with the rest of you!

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