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Nov 10, 2009

Tag, You're It: The Art of Tagging

Fact: MonaVie distributors are awesome. Day one of our social media campaign, starting with 843 fans, I say, "Hey, let’s get 2,000 fans on Facebook by end of day."

You turn out 3,000…and over 500 followers on Twitter. And it looks like you're just getting started.

Okay, onto business and by business I mean social networking and by social networking I mean fun. First things first, let’s talk about manners…because they’re important. Your mother told you so. For the next several days we’ll be giving you one new tip on social media etiquette. As stated here, take these tips to heart. They will keep channels open and foster better communication between you and your friends and soon to be friends.

Next, your action item for today is to visit MonaVie’s Facebook page at, hit the “Photos” tab and begin tagging. What is tagging? Well, it’s a great way to label your photos, as well as alert anyone in the photo you’ve posted new images of them, making it ever easier to search for photos of your friends…or of yourself. We don’t judge.

And are you still feeling clueless about Twitter? Here’s a great post by entrepreneur and columnist Guy Kawasaki on Twitter Cluelessness I highly recommend.

Now onto your first tip.

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