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Nov 28, 2011

Succeeding at Two Jobs: Organize, Organize, Organize!

Many current MonaVie distributors and potential distributors hold down more than one job. Add in family responsibilities and time becomes a precious commodity. So, how can you make it all work, and succeed in all areas of your life?

We found a great article in USA TODAY, penned by Michael Crom, Executive Vice President of Dale Carnegie Training, that focuses on this very subject. The bottom line is: organize, organize, organize! Easy to say; much more difficult to execute. But here are some wonderful tips from the article:

Acquire efficient work habits
Set aside a small amount of time to organize what must be done. This process will give you a more positive attitude, and you will feel a lot less overwhelmed. Make sure that you are comfortable in the routine that you have created.  If you are not happy with your current routine, then change it. You'll be glad you did.

Gain control over your time
You must maintain a daily planner. This can be either in electronic form on your computer, tablet or smartphone, or on paper. This is critical to ensure that you're on top of all of the details regarding both of your jobs. The time you spend planning and setting your priorities will reduce the time needed to execute—and to succeed!

Reduce stress by writing lists
Use your daily planner as the central location for all “To Do” lists, notes, ideas and the like. As you move through your list, take a linear approach to execution—meaning focus upon one task before moving to another. You are already multi-tasking with two jobs. Multi-tasking within multi-tasking will only create unproductive stress.

Attitude adjustment
Succeeding in one job is stressful enough. You've chosen to tackle two jobs! Stay calm. Avoid overreacting or panicky decision-making. Take charge of the very dynamic situation that you have opted for with an "I can do it" attitude! 

Whether you're working with MonaVie as your second job, considering joining the MonaVie team to generate additional income or you are committed as a full-time MonaVie distributor, MonaVie is committed to helping you with everything you need to create A More Meaningful Life.

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