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Jan 11, 2010

Social Networking: Build Relationships First

No one is more excited than I about MonaVie’s recent headlong entrance into social networking.  Many of us use Facebook, especially, as a key way of expressing ourselves and staying in touch with our friends.  It can also be a great tool for extending and building relationships and for finding new friends.

Like you, I often meet people at events and in organizations.  When I meet someone new, I often seek them out on Facebook, allowing me to quickly learn more about them and to reinforce the relationship between the name and the face.  I find that this is a huge help for building real relationships.

For instance, an acquaintance from church became a friend on Facebook.  When she and her husband took a trip to Thailand, they were involved in a terrible traffic accident that left her in the hospital.  She returned safely and is recovering.  When I saw her again at church, I was able to ask her detailed, pertinent questions about her trip and her health.  We developed the foundation of a real friendship because of the information we shared on Facebook. Absent Facebook, I would simply have wondered where this woman at church got those scars.  Now we’re friends.  She knows I care about her and I know how she’s doing.

There is a temptation with Facebook and Twitter to use the tools to simply gather a list.  Nothing could be more counterproductive to networking.  If you randomly seek to gather names, you’ll end up only with people who are indiscriminate in their friend selection in your list.  That is no way to build relationships.

As you are seeking to build relationships on Facebook and Twitter, I would encourage you not to think about these sites purely as tools for building your MonaVie business, but rather as a genuine place to build friendships.  As people learn to know you, your hobbies, family, passions and faith, they will come to know and respect you.  The bond you build will be worth far more than the juice you sell—and you will sell more juice if you put relationships first!


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Devin Thorpe

Chief Financial Officer, MonaVie

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