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Jun 3, 2010

Share Your Tasting Party, Version 2: Now Accepting Photo Entries

This is a US and Canada Only Promotion

While videos are where it’s at, we will also be accepting photos of your home tasting parties as entries for the “Share Your Tasting Party.” We still want to hear the following:

Number of people at your home tasting party

You sharing the product

Tasting party set up and any MonaVie swag

Reactions from your guests

A thought or two about why you should win

Send me ( a paragraph or two with those details and a few photos from EACH tasting party and an entry into the promo you will have. NOTE: We will be posting these on our social media platforms so if you enter, you are also giving us permission to publish.

You have until June 18th to submit as many unique entries as possible for a chance to have Jeff Graham show up at a tasting party in your area with our new EMV Lite product, a message, EMV Lite swag and another corporate companion.

Oh and I did promise giveaways for just entering so here’s the deal…the second deal.

Should you decide to send me a video response – you will automatically get an EMV Lite giveaway. You can visit the How To: Post a Video Response on YouTube link if you need any help.

Those sending photos will be thrown into a pool and drawn names will receive an EMV Lite giveaway.

But of course you are ALL are entering for an opportunity to have Jeff Graham attend a local tasting party. Clear as mud? Good! If you have questions you can leave them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer in a timely fashion.

Share it!

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