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Apr 10, 2010

Randy Larsen - My Heart is Full of Compassion

"My heart is full of compassion and love for my friends and loved ones who are affected by the flooding that is taking place near Rio. I know what is like to lose your home to flooding as it happened to my family when I was 18 years old. Thousands of people came to aid our community. Those acts of love changed me forever. Brazil is near and dear to my heart. The people there have blessed my life so much. There are hundreds of people who are missing and presumed dead and many who have lost their homes. Please do what you can to help us help those beautiful, open, and loving people. We are all connected and assisting, praying, and blessing those who are in need right now in Rio is a blessing of duty and love that will return tenfold."

Randy Larsen
MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman

To donate to the Niteroi Flood Relief Fund, click here.

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