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Jul 28, 2010

Edmonton Share Your Story Winner: Chris Swanson

The second winner in the Share Your Story, Chris Swanson, received two tickets to the Edmonton Honda Indy race with Tomas Scheckter. Read more from him...

Chris Swanson

I wanted to extend and share on how much MonaVie has helped me in my life and changed it for the better. It is not just the benefits from the product for sure. It is a rock solid product and has helped me feel better no question about it, but the benefits I have received are not for the most part because of the juice. I have been moved in places I never knew I had until I allowed myself to grow as a person and dig deep inside me on my purpose in life.


Having people believe in you is a weird feeling at first but afterwards it is really cool. No matter what ups and downs I have the people who basically care from their hearts was a overwhelming feeling for me. The Runzers have been amazing people to talk to and learn from. Duane and Kory Baker Henderson have showed me nothing but respect and help and picked me up when I went down and always encouraged me to keep going when I thought things were lost.

The Runzers gave me a case of EMV for my wedding, drove to my house and left me it all wrapped up on my doorstep. Keep in mind I am one person on their team of over 800 people and counting but they did something I will never forget, that small token from them is something I don’t get during the work day and has meant a lot to me. I have spent over 50 hours on a charter bus back in 2008 to go to Salt Lake City for a team event at that time and even when my confidence was not there and still wondering is this juice thing for real? But Duane and Kory told me I was going and found a way to go, after traveling across a half of province and through several states nonstop to get to this event I’m thinking all the way "what the heck am I doing?" but I was going to Utah for a juice event. Just thought if I do not go I would be missing something. Well after listening to a few people I got to thinking if these people can do this so can I. I did not know how I am going to but I just thought I’m going to find a way. The first speaker at the event was Dallin which caught me by surprise. He came out and I just froze up; he started to talk and I was hooked. His story how MonaVie just about did not make it, the potato fields and his parents, after what he shared I knew that this juice thing is the real deal and the integrity is solid.

Since then I have had some small success and some set backs but still in the game. I have watched several webcasts since and plugged into social media with Shante and learning from her. The Legacy team has been amazing and meeting Mark Crawford and several others has been awesome. During last year’s Indy I did get the quick chance to shake Dallin’s hand at the Edmonton City Airport where the MonaVie jet was. He and Henry were outside chatting and I just came across them, shook his hand and said hi but got all messed up with my words. I wanted to say thank you to him but could not talk. It was so cool to meet him after watching webcasts and hearing him in Salt Lake City. Chuck G. has been amazing in my journey and has responded to me on Facebook and has connected with me in ways I cannot express.

MonaVie has helped with my dealings with people and confidence as a person. I was a really negative person for a long time. My health is better for sure and picking healthier options is regular practice when I shop. I am truly touched and blessed to be part of this company and as Dallin says we are just getting this thing started!

Now I hope this was not too long but so much has happened since 08 and I will get to the finish line.

Jul 28, 2010

Toronto Share Your Story Winner: Dan Brooks

We recently encouraged distributors to send in their story for a chance to win tickets to one of the MonaVie sponsored Canada Indy races, as well as, some behind the scenes walk thru with Tomas Scheckter. Thank you - thank you to all those who sent emails. We were overwhelmed with so many incredible insights and personal journeys and look forward to sharing more of the stories in the upcoming months. For now, here is the first winner, Dan Brooks, from Toronto, Ontario.

Dan Brooks

I first joined MonaVie way back when MonaVie was Monarch Health Sciences. I knew inside me that this new product was going to be sensational. I have been in network marketing companies for over 10 years and I found the complexity of selling a catalogue full of products overwhelming to most new distributors. My whole working life has been about simplifying systems and creating a result based approach. If something did not work in building machines then we would tear it apart and rebuild it so that it became more efficient and productive.

Dan Monavie

It was the simplicity of “one product, one focus” that attracted me. I could see and feel that this would be a hit to the vast majority who actually engaged in the process. So, with much anticipation for a new product that hadn’t even been bottled yet was exhilarating. Finally the product was released and once we tried it we realized this was even more than we expected.

What a treat it was to share a product and watch as people’s faces lit up when it tasted so good. “Well what will it do for me?”, was the common question most people asked.

There were challenges in the beginning with shipping times (14 days), and breakage and other little things (product freezing), but I remained strong and true to support this product because of people like Dallin Larson who always made sure challenges were corrected and the company just kept getting better and better (Correct and Continue).

I remember our first Business Opportunity meeting in Toronto in May of 2006. Dallin flew into our small meeting and spoke of his conviction to the process, the product and the company. I knew I was in the presence of a true leader who reflected my ideals in many ways. At lunch afterwards our small group got to ask questions from Dallin and each other about our expectations.

In the early days, I actually became a number one MonaVie recruiter one week, which just tickled me pink. How simple could this possibly be?

So then where am I now? And the answer is I am a Gold Executive within the structure and I continue to build. You see there are things we must all do to become monetarily successful. And, the challenges I have had to work through follow the philosophy of “to have more in life, you must become more.” And I have found to “have more in life, you must first feel you are worthy of having more.”

Therein I find is the challenge that most people face within themselves. The systems are in place, the leaders are in place, the product has always been in place and the success paths have already been laid out for us proving, “If one person can do it, then anyone can do it.” My journey has been one of becoming a leader; a leader who can guide people along the path. To me, building a house on shaky foundation is never something you want to do. Build it once, build it right is what my father used to tell me. So for me to talk of true monetary success to someone else I had to first become the person that could lead. And, a very valid point here is, just because you are not a Black Diamond yet, doesn’t mean you are not making money.

The systems are in place and now I am in place to become what I have dreamt about for years!

Jul 12, 2010

MonaVie Distributor Focus: Jesse and Stephanie Clooten from Bismarck, ND

All, this is a long story but well worth the read. I left Jesse’s incredible adoption story in his words, as they are most compelling and insightful that way. Thank you to Stephanie, his sweet wife for collaborating with me and sending all the great photos shown throughout the story.



Jesse and Stephanie Clooten

Where are you from?

Bismarck, North Dakota

How were your introduced to MonaVie?

Friends, Renita and Scott Brannan, approached Stephanie invited us for dinner and afterwards shared the product and opportunity. As we were talking, getting to know each other, they brought up The MORE Project. Our eyes lit up, as theirs did. I have been looking long and hard for most of my adult life for a charity such as this, with a cause so great…and there was a reason for my question for such greatness.

Tell us about your story and your “why”…

When my parents were just starting out as a young couple, they were like most new couples with very little money, no kids, and just their friends, family, and church for support. They have always been very strong in their faith and did their best to live their lives the way God would want them to. One night, my mother said she was awakened suddenly.  She sat up and there at the foot of their bed, stood what she described as “an angel,” who said, “Debbie, there are two small boys in Colombia that need your help. If you don’t save them, they will die.” She went back to bed with mixed emotions, and dozens of questions in her head. She had never encountered something like this, and thus, she couldn’t just ignore it.

The next day, she called her pastor at the church. She didn’t know what all this meant, but she had to follow through or she would never know. The church got the ball rolling on her decision to go to Colombia. They helped fund their trip to Bogotá, hired a translator, and aided in getting through whatever red tape there was. As you can imagine, there was plenty of it! There had never been a live adoption to the United States from Bogotá, so these people had to have faith to go into uncharted territory, with nothing more than a dream to go on!

My parents arrived at the orphanage, where they were surrounded by over a hundred children, all desperate for attention and adoption.  My mother said it was hard to visit them, and even harder to leave them. My brother and I were separated in the orphanage; I with the infants and toddlers, and John on a different floor with the older kids. My mom chose two boys at random. We didn’t know until we got back to the U.S. that we were actually blood related. My parents were later told that we had the same mother with different fathers. This was no surprise, as most orphaned kids had mothers who had been victims of rape, crime, drug addiction, etc. Many of the mothers were still teenagers and didn’t have a clue as how to take care of themselves or their children.


I don’t know who my biological mother is, but it took me some time to realize what a blessing her “abandoning me” really was. My new parents had just gone from having no children, flying to a foreign country, picking up two children with no known history, who didn’t speak a drop of English and bringing them back to their home. These people are the bravest of the brave!

On our flight to the U.S., I bit my mother on the neck, drawing blood and causing a scene. My brother and I had never seen or been on a plane before. When we got to the airport, we had pizza for the first time. No surprise that we ate it with such excitement we both ended up sick and throwing it back up.

A few years later my parents adopted my sister, Lacey, from Colombia and then came the birth of my “homemade” sisters, Kelsey, then McKenzie.

My parents did everything for us, even spoiling me to the point of rottenness! I was the troublemaker with the fancy clothes, cool toys, and as smooth talker, I got away with everything. It wasn’t until I met my wife, Stephanie, that I started to settle down and realize what a miracle my presence on this earth really was. We dated for six years, married and had Jaxon (5) and Harbor (3). It wasn’t until Jaxon was about the same age as I was when I was abandoned that it really hit me - how could my mom just walk away from someone so innocent, so sweet, so helpless?

Harbor 1

Jaxon Kindergarten

The thought brought me to tears. My wife sat up with me many nights, assuring me that my mother’s decision to send me out on my own was not taken lightly.  Maybe she was sick, injured, in a dangerous situation, etc.  She knew that whatever she could provide me, would be much less than what my brother and I could find on our own.

After many months of my dreams filled with nightmares and a pit in my stomach, I decided that the best way for me to “get over this” was to move on and try to pay forward what my adopted parents had done for me.  My wife and I couldn’t afford to adopt, and we already had small children of our own. The next best thing would be charity work. I worked on the boards of a few local non-profit organizations, but it was mostly helping older people with home repair and yard work. Although it was quite gratifying, it wasn’t satisfying my need to help other children like myself.

After meeting with Scott and Renita, you can tell why we were excited to hear about The MORE Project! Not only was it exactly what we’d been looking forward to serving, but it also had a great product that had already paid our family a priceless fee.

Now we have big dreams for our new business venture with MonaVie. We feel it will complete our lives and help us pay it forward.  In the words of Dallin Larsen, “If you’re blessed, be a blessing.”

While we’ve only been in MonaVie for three weeks, we’re already changing the lives of others, and thus, improving our own family’s life in the process.

Jul 8, 2010

More Miles 4 MORE Kids: Paul Meehan Focus



Valentina & Paul Meehan

Current rank

Diamond Executive

Where are you from?

Ashburn, Va

How were you introduced to MonaVie?

My wife’s friend bugged her relentlessly until she went and had a one-on-one with her upline Tracey Eggloff (Ruby at the time). She was turned on by the antioxidants and health benefits related.

What is your "why?"

To spend as much time with my two children Gregory, age five, and Anna, age three months. To not have to get up every morning and sit in traffic two hours in and two hours home. Building a legacy for our family and helping other families do the same.

What is your favorite moment with MonaVie?

Getting phone calls from people saying that the product has helped them or they are able to pay all of their bills and not just some of them. Going Diamond in the middle of a blizzard!

Share your best business building tip

There are no tricks to building a MonaVie business. The simplicity is what slows most people down. Share the product and opportunity and help your friends and family do the same thing. Here's where it gets hard... then keep doing it!

Where to from here? Goals, aspirations, plans...

The future is looking better everyday. Short term we are going Black Diamond by the end of 2010 and selling our Visa and Passport exepediting service. Valentina really wants a Motor Coach to travel the country with our kids. I JUST want a Lambo! The only thing  long term at this moment is to keep doing rides to benefit the MORE Project and maybe inspire others to do the same.

Tell us more about The MORE Project ride

It all started the end of April 2009. Our Black Diamond Shelly Aristizabel had a brain aneurism while giving a presentation in a room full of doctors in Delaware. She could not have been in a better place; turns out she was only a couple of miles from a hospital that specializes in her condition. Also, one of the doctors at the tasting was a resident. While recovering her husband Ed took time to be very transparent with all of us and sent out countless emails detailing how if you ever had a dream you wanted to accomplish to get it done now. I always had a dream of doing long distance rides for charity. For 19 years I was a bicycle messenger in Washington, DC.  On the weekends I would race with our local cycling club. Looking back I only rode for money or points.


That’s when it hit me!  In the Momentum DVD Dallin Larsen says, “If you have been blessed, you better be a blessing.”  I have been blessed in many ways by MonaVie. Monavie got me back on my bike and participating in my family life again in just a few months. Why not do a ride to benefit The MORE project and give others the same chance? I called Ed and said, “Ed I have a crazy idea. I want to ride from Washington, DC to R3Global Family reunion in Orlando, FL and raise money for The MORE Project. What do you think?”  I think Ed’s answer was “Are you crazy? How many miles is that?”

I explained it was 900 miles and my dream and that I really wanted to do it. He told me that he would support me however he could. Together we decided that a website would be the best way to take donations and get the word out. I called one of my personally sponsored people, Tony DeCarlo, to ask for advice and a donation. Tony is a website designer and he offered his services instead of a donation. More Miles 4 More Kids was born.

I went on The MORE Project website and found an email to inquire about fundraisers and a few days later I got a call from Valerie Holt. We talked for a while and she had somebody setup a link so people could donate directly from my website.  She also made a few calls and helped get me on the monthly motivational call to promote the ride in August 2009, as well as, a piece on The MonaVie Media Center. Donations did not go well at first and I got a little discouraged.  Ed pointed out that even if I did not reach our goal, we would at least raise awareness for the cause and maybe inspire somebody else to get off the couch.

The ride went as planned and I made it to Orlando in 5½ days.  I even got to go on stage with Katy & Sergio and tell a bit of my story. Dream accomplished.

A few months later I received a call from Valerie Holt. She told me that Linda Larsen had been talking to a couple from Canada who were inspired by the ride and wanted to do a ride also.  She asked me to call them and offer my assistance.  I spoke with Cristie-Lynn Bowman (husband Mike) and she was amazed that I called her. She had some very good questions and I could tell they had no idea what they were doing. She asked if I could meet them on the road and finish the ride with them.  I told her I would be willing to ride the entire distance with them as I have ridden across the US several times.  Before I got off the phone I asked the most important question, “Where do you guys live?”

The answer was Vancouver, BC. Admittedly, I had no idea where that was. I was thinking north of New York. Without thinking I said I’M IN! As soon as I got off the phone I Googled Vancouver and my jaw hit the floor.  I have never met Cristie-Lynn and Mike in person we have only talked vie phone and email.  We will meet for the first time at the International Convention in SLC. And the rest will be history!

To learn more about Paul, Cristie-Lynn and Mike’s ride to raise funds for The MORE Project, visit:

More Miles 4 MORE Kids

The Ride 4 MORE

While they are covering all their own expenses, they are asking that anyone willing sponsor them for 1 cent per mile or whatever contribution feasible with a goal to raise $200,000. All proceeds go to The MORE Project.

Follow their ride with us as we bring you more details…they depart July 10th with the intent to cover 4,200 miles in 35 days!

Jun 28, 2010

MonaVie Distributor Focus: Chad Paetznick from Atlanta, GA

chad emv solo drinking orlando

Current rank

Bronze Executive

Where are you from?

Atlanta, Georgia

How were you introduced to MonaVie?

My mom sent me a bottle and I loved it right away!

What is your “why?”

Better health, to be debt free, help other people, and travel with my family wherever and whenever we want without worrying about cost.

What is your favorite moment with MonaVie?

Hitting Bronze Executive while teaching and playing full time. Performing on stage at the 2009 R3Global Family Reunion in front of 10,000 people, watching Longard 6 family band perform there, and meeting all the great people in MonaVie.

Share your best business building tip
Show your enthusiasm for the juice, don't talk too much, and move on if your prospect is dragging their feet. You are going to get a lot of "no's." Don't worry and just keep going no matter what. Stay the course. Be smart and learn as you go from your successful uplines. Attend every MonaVie function you can get to.

Where to from here? Goals, aspirations, plans...

Ruby in the next year

Chad’s mother, Kathryn Fyffe Peters, Silver Executive, wrote me several months ago to tell me about their incredibly talented son, winner of the “We Have Talent” contest at the R3Global Family Reunion. Chad is also a musical director at a high school in Suwannee, Georgia.

Watch him demonstrate his incredible drum skills:

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Jun 16, 2010

Calvin Becerra: Achieving Success Again and Again

If you didn't catch Calvin's story, starting where his Black Diamond documentary left off, then be sure to jump over to the post Calvin Becerra: A-ha Moments and Achieving Success Again and Again.

Next up in Calvin's series of videos highlighting his own “a-ha” moments and best business building tips:

You can also view Calvin's videos and more on the MonaVie YouTube channel.

Jun 15, 2010

MonaVie Supports Our Troops


It all started with a conversation between two best friends and former teammates, cheerleaders for the then Los Angeles Rams and now St. Louis Rams. Both Arlene Melhorn and Mary Cromwell are MonaVie distributors, along with Mary’s husband Nolan, former player and current coach for the Rams. It was Mary and Nolan’s son, 1st Lieutenant Lance Cromwell, who was the topic of that particular conversation and it was that conversation that instigated a grand call to action.

Whew…did you get all that? Okay, here’s more:

Deployed in October 2009, Lance Cromwell was serving 9-12 months in Iraq in the United States Army.

Mary tried to keep Lance and his platoon stocked with MonaVie product when manageable with the inconsistent mailing system. It gave her a little peace of mind, knowing that she could provide him some quality nutrition, which otherwise, was dependent on situation and circumstance.

The products were an instant hit so Arlene and Mary approached MonaVie Founder and Co-Chairman Henry Marsh and Senior Vice President Jeff Graham, who quickly got Executive Professional Assistant Lynn Beach on the job. And shortly before the Christmas holiday, boxes of EMV, drink and gel, were shipped to Lance and his platoon, along with t-shirts and a large MonaVie banner for them to display proudly (see above photo).

Sending the product was a quick decision, however, getting said product to the platoon was an adventure to say the least. But eventually, though long after the winter holiday, the product did arrive and was shared among the soldiers.


The message home was simple:

Thanks for all your support. My men really enjoyed the MonaVie.  The gel packs were such a great little treat, and it made them feel special which is priceless in my book…We have been receiving the EMV energy drinks as well. Both the gel packs and the EMV have given us the mental edge needed out here to stay alert in the desert.

Our guys are doing great and appreciate the support. Thanks again!

1LT Lance Cromwell

1st Platoon, Platoon Leader

Thank you Lance Cromwell and platoon, for the freedom that you defend. Also, thank you to your wife, Janelle, for the support and sacrifice you make! Similarly we appreciate Mary and Nolan, and Arlene for contacting us with such a great story.


So, here’s a conversation that we hope instigates another call to action and that action being, if you have a message you’d like to share with Lance and his platoon, leave us a comment here on BlogMV. We’ll make sure he gets them. Unfortunately, snail mail is cut off this week but it’s the thought that counts…so share yours today!

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

P.S. The Cromwell’s are a talented bunch as daughter Jennifer, also a MonaVie distributor, is a recent NCAA rowing championship winner, bringing home the U23 title to the University of Virginia, a first in the university’s history. She’s also trying out for the next US Olympic rowing team.

Jun 11, 2010

Going the Extra Mile (Literally) with MonaVie

While traveling home one night MonaVie Director of Recognition Alec Clark noticed a Black Chrysler 300 in front of him branded in MonaVie. In a moment he decided he would try to find out who the person was in the vehicle and thank them for their business building efforts.

Apparently luck with green lights was on his side, however, that meant traveling an extra 10 miles north, trailing the MonaVie branded car, before finally hitting a red light where Alec quickly put his car in park and ran up along side the elusive Black Chrysler. The windows were tinted making it impossible for him to see the driver.

“I held up two MonaVie EMV hats I had on hand before knocking on the window, hoping they didn’t think I was a crazy person,” said Alec. “We only had a moment but I told the women driver and her two children, who were all wearing MonaVie branded clothing, that I appreciated their hard work and thanked them for carry the MonaVie brand. Then I handed them the hats and my business card.”

After, Alec raced back to his car and they went their separate ways.

A day or two later he received a message from Ruby Executive George Wright:

Thanks for the EMV hats.  My wife said you stopped her at the light the other day and gave her a couple EMVLite hats in appreciation for advertising on our car…She loved the appreciation and gifts…I told Zann Horlacher and Burke Green (my up line) when we met today that they need to get their cars pimped out and get some free stuff! Thanks again, George

Thank you George and Rachel for going the extra mile.

On a similar note, during Senior Vice President Jeff Graham’s last visit to Southern California, he noticed a MonaVie branded parked car outside a home. In a similar moment of inspiration, Jeff decided to find out about the distributor behind the decal. When he knocked on the door he was greeted by Holly Fletcher, a MonaVie distributor who was no longer building her business. The exchange was brief but the impact was felt. Jeff received a note from Holly less than a week later telling him that she and her husband, Mark, were “planning some big things for the summer to get back in the game!”

Moral of the story? You never know when your efforts will be recognized…so keep pushing, keep driving, keep enrolling and carry that brand proudly!

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Jun 10, 2010

Senior Vice President Jeff Graham Wants to Take You To Lunch

For US and Canada Only

Jeff Graham smallRegister for the MonaVie 2010 International “Vision” Convention and your name will be put into a drawing. Those chosen will enjoy a lunch with Senior Vice President Jeff Graham on Saturday, June 26, as well as, preferred seating during the Saturday afternoon session, which is the same session Team Hoyt will be giving an amazing keynote presentation.

And all you need do is register!

Deadline is June 16th.

To register, go here.

*If you’ve already registered your name is automatically in the drawing

Deadlines to Remember:

Styleit.TV $2,100 celebrity gift bag (June 15th)

Lunch with Jeff Graham (June 16th)

Share Your Tasting (June 18th)

Jun 9, 2010

Stylit.TV Oscar Week Celebrity Gift Bag Giveaway

Remember MonaVie’s fun-filled weekend at the Academy Awards? Ah, those were some good times…go here to view a great video recap, including celebrities like John Salley, Quentin Aaron, and several members of the cast of the hit television show “Glee” trying MonaVie (M)mun.

Candid photos are posted to MonaVie Photo.

Oh and I mentioned a little giveaway didn’t I? MonaVie has partnered with Stylit.TV to bring you a chance to win the Oscar week celebrity gift bag from the VIP Secret Room Style Lounge, worth $2,100!

Visit and enter the bonus code “MonaVie” for 20 extra chances to win. Then visit daily for more opportunities to win. This is open to all so I encourage you to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out!

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