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Apr 9, 2012

5 Reasons Why Being RVLutionaries Together Creates More Success

By now, you’re aware that MonaVie is on a mission to help you “Ditch Dieting” once and for all, and assist you in losing weight the right way with the MonaVie 90-day RVLution.

But did you also know that MonaVie employees have joined the RVLution?   

Beginning the first week of March, nearly 45% of the remote agents and employees at the corporate office signed up to change their minds, bodies, and lives. What’s inspirational about the happenings at the corporate office is that we are all doing it together. And you can do the same with your friends, family, and community.

Mar 28, 2012

Our Fat Pets (and what we can learn from them)

You might be asking yourself what fat cats and stressed rats have to do with you? Studies show us quite clearly that being overweight and having excess body fat is detrimental to long-term health, and also show us that typical “fast food” type diets can be both highly addictive (the dopamine data) and extremely “stressful” to break away from (the corticotropin data).

In today’s world where we’re surrounded by both stress and fast food, a big part of the “solution” to managing body weight is to eat meals that (1) taste good, (2) help balance metabolism and blood sugar, and (3) do not feel restrictive like a diet. The MonaVie RVL products have an excellent balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates that not only taste delicious, but also help keep you satisfied longer.

Mar 14, 2012

Joint Flexibility for a More Active Lifestyle

For many people in the nutrition industry, the simple mention of the term “joint health” conjures up images of the “tried and true” dietary supplement, glucosamine. Numerous research studies show the ability of glucosamine supplements to help rebuild and repair joint cartilage to keep joints healthy and flexible. If you’re a consumer of MonaVie Active juice or MonaVie MX juice, then you’re already familiar with the plant-derived form of glucosamine (not from shellfish, like most glucosamine supplements) that MonaVie uses in both products.

What you might not be familiar with, however, is that having a healthy “joint” is a lot more than just healthy cartilage. Joints are actually complex systems involving bones, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels—and all of these structures need to be maintained in a state of healthy turnover (balance between buildup/breakdown) if we want to stay mobile and flexible as we age.

Mar 7, 2012

Proper Nutrition and Hydration Key to Optimal Body Function

Hi, this is Shawn Talbott, the new VP of Research & Development here at MonaVie.

In my first MonaVie blog post, I wanted to share some of my comments that appear in this month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine (March 2012). In the article, A Better Body? No Sweat! I comment about the importance of adequate water intake to avoid dehydration. Why? Because being dehydrated can substantially slow your metabolic rate and may impact your ability to burn as many calories as possible.

Dec 7, 2011

Your Starving Cells and How to Feed Them

Join the RVLution and lose weight with MonaVie RVL
You: (stomach growling)
Your friend: Was that your stomach growling?
You: Yeah, I’m so hungry. It must be time for dinner.
Your friend: It’s only 3:30 p.m.!

Has this ever happened to you? You had a big lunch, but only a few hours later you were hungry again. When you feel hungry, two factors are at play: volume (the amount of food you ate) and nutrition (the nutrient quality of the food you ate).

Volume. When you eat a meal, you become “full” by filling the space in your stomach with food. This feeling gives you the sensation of being full and satisfied. Nutrition. When your cells receive the proper nutrition they require to function at an optimal level, you will feel satisfied, and not hungry. The nutrients your cells need to carry out their basic and essential functions include vitamins, minerals, protein, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, among others.

So how do you explain the phenomenon that occurs when you feel hungry just hours after eating a large—but nutritionally void—meal? The answer is simple: volume has given you the sensation of being full (temporarily), but the lack of nutrition in the meal has left your cells screaming in protest for something they can use to do their jobs.

When it comes to proper nutrition and managing your weight, every calorie counts; however, all calories are not created equal.

Now, here’s the good news: MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix utilizes “smart” calories. These nutrient dense calories provide a high return on your caloric intake so you stock up on nutrients, not calories. In fact, just one serving of MonaVie RVL Shake Mix delivers a wider array of nutrients than a typical meal—in half the calories.

This is pure cell food! Your mitochondria will be so excited with the new load of fuel they’ve received, you’ll feel the results immediately. Having received the nutrition they need to function properly, your cells won’t be ringing the dinner bell prematurely. Could this be the dieter’s best friend?

Next time you feel hungry before you think you should be, evaluate the nutritional content of your last meal and give your system a boost with MonaVie RVL—a veritable oasis of nutrition for your thirsting cells.

Did you find this article helpful? Leave a comment below.

Nov 21, 2011

4 Tips to MonaVie-ize Your Black Friday

This week many of us will be inundated with coupons, email, Facebook posts and commercials featuring the latest and greatest deals for Black Friday—the biggest shopping day of the year!

Everyone enjoys a good deal, and no matter what your level of engagement is, here are four tips to make sure your Black Friday shopping experience is a MonaVie experience! 

Tip #1 Have a plan!

Devising a store strategy with family and friends is wise so that you can find more deals in a shorter amount of time. I would suggest a pre–Black Friday meeting, complete with a review of the stores (btw…blueprints would be great). Establish a list of roles and responsibilities, test your walkie talkies and—of course—check to see if any of the stores you’ll visit are part of new MonaVie Perks Retail Rewards!

Tip #2 Bring something to eat.

Leftover turkey sandwiches covered in gravy are always a popular item, albeit extremely messy (and -2 points on creativity). Why not pack a few convenient and delicious MonaVie RVL Nutrition Snack Bars? They’re small, compact and easy to share.

Tip #3 Prepare to be cold!

Waiting in line outside for a store to open in November may not be the warmest! Check the weather forecast before you go, bundle up, throw on a MonaVie RVL Hoodie and you’re good to go!

Tip #4 Bring friends and make friends!

Some people camp out at stores for days, some for hours. What does this mean? It means there are a lot of people in one place, with no place to go and money to spend! Make good use of the time by bringing friends and talk to those around you; bring your MonaVie business cards.

You’re also likely to encounter a sneeze or two when out and about. What a perfect time to share a MonaVie (M)mūn shot! Thirsty and lethargic from an overdose of tryptophan? Here’s a MonaVie EMV in your hand! Hungry, anyone? Post turkey day is a great time to tell others about MonaVie RVLution

Before you know it, you’ll be hosting a Black Friday tasting party while waiting in line!

So, what are your plans for Black Friday?

Oct 31, 2011

Join the RVLution!

In January 2011, MonaVie officially launched RVL, and, a year later, it is the premier weight management program on the market today. Thousands have tried the product, hundreds of thousands of pounds have been lost and, based on the volume of success stories we have received and continue to receive, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. And, the need has never been greater!

Here’s why:

  • Obesity skyrocketing in the U.S. – 1 in 3 adults in the United States is considered obese.In 2000, no state had an obesity prevalence rate of 30% or more, and, in 2011, 12 states have eclipsed 30%.
  • Diabetes on the rise – In 1995, only four states had a diabetes rate higher than 6%. Today, 43 states have a diabetes rate over 7%.
  • Childhood obesity – And, it’s not just adults…globally over 42 million children under the age of five are overweight, and chances of these children becoming obese as adults is extremely high.

With so much in the world that we can’t control these days, one thing that we control—even with the looming holiday season — is our weight. MonaVie has made this easier than ever with a simple 1-2-3 system that manages weight in a healthy way.  Featuring a delicious shake mix, crave-worthy snack bar and all-natural, metabolism boosting supplement, this premier weight solution has everything you need to reach your ideal weight. The proof is in the success stories, the dramatic before and after pictures and the healthier lifestyles people are living, as they use and share RVL. To provide even more incentive for people to get healthier in the new year, MonaVie is launching the MonaVie RVLution in January 2012, which promises to be the biggest promotion in the history of our industry! Over the next few weeks, we will provide details on this monumental promotion.  However, one thing I can tell you now is that MonaVie is up to the challenge! We will be giving away $1 million in prizes…that’s right $1 million in prizes to those who join and participate in the coming RVLution!

Plan now to have a healthier, more meaningful life in 2012. Join the RVLution!

Let me know if you’ll be joining us, and leave a comment below!

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Oct 14, 2011

MonaVie and The Perfect Storm

MonaVie Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Cohen spoke to The New York Times article on declining incomes and escalation in unemployment in his post, MonaVie Provides Answer to Economic Downturn. In this piece he referenced the combination of MonaVie’s exceptional products and innovative and dynamic compensation plan as the right opportunity at the right time.

Renowned economist and MonaVie Imagine convention keynote, Paul Zane Pilzer, would agree, stating further that wellness and direct selling create a perfect storm of unprecedented economic opportunity. A statement he expands on in his article, appropriately titled, The Perfect Storm of Opportunity.

In said article he reports that between 2000 and 2005, wellness grew from a $200 billion industry to $400 billion and on it's way to being the next trillion dollar industry has had a dramatic impact on the democratization of American wealth, simply by linking the need for wellness products with the network marketing, home-based entrepreneurial business model.

The fortunes to be made today and in the years ahead will be made by those who are involved in teaching people about new products and services that they either didn’t know existed or didn’t know were now affordable. That is, intellectual distribution, as opposed to physical distribution, is where the greatest fortunes are being made today and will continue to be made...

MonaVie is certainly providing all of the above by offering premium products, entrepreneurial opportunity (minus the overhead), in a highly scalable business model, that addresses unemployment, as well as underemployment with this thing called residual income.

The result? A steady increase in ordinary working-class people who are making their way into the new millionaire’s club, as well as an overall increase in individual income and net worth.

In addition, MonaVie is having a positive impact on quality of life because it’s no longer an option to simply make an income if you must sacrifice lifestyle, family and well being in order to do so.

In summary, we’re getting healthy, enjoying a balance of work and family and creating unprecedented wealth while at it. It’s hard to feel bad about any of I right or am I right?

Download and read Paul Zane Pilzer’s article here and then be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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Oct 12, 2011

MonaVie Provides Answer to Economic Downturn

The New York Times reported this week ( that household incomes continue to decline two years after the recession was declared officially over. As the economy continues to struggle, millions of people are seeking for an opportunity to either replace or subsidize their income as a result of corporate lay-offs, reduction in pay or the threat of a pending job loss. Often, additional income of $500 a month is the difference between someone keeping or losing their home, according to the Direct Selling Association.

Perhaps there has never been a better time for the direct sales industry to come to the rescue of individuals and families in need. Direct selling represents a recession-proof job and a unique opportunity for motivated individuals to start and substantially grow their own direct sales business.

In an October 2010 issue of Network Marketing Business Journal, veteran industry expert Dr. Keith Laggos identified the characteristics that someone should look for when seeking to join a direct sales company. Not surprisingly, the MonaVie opportunity features all of the important traits he mentions:

  • Low cost fees to enter
  • Low initial monthly financial requirements
  • Products and services that are of superior quality, but competitively priced
  • A compensation plan that allows beginners to obtain profitability quickly
  • A compensation plan that lets distributors earn fast start and other bonuses early so that they can earn a positive income fast

But these features alone don’t begin to explain the MonaVie phenomenon. Starting with the acai berry sourced from the depths of the Amazon Rain forest, MonaVie has produced a line of premium nutritional products made from the rarest of ingredients on earth that offer solutions to the most pressing health issues facing people today.

On top of that, MonaVie has coupled its line of exceptional products with the most innovative and dynamic compensation plan in the history of direct sales that features 10 ways to earn income and 50% of the sales volume paid out in distributor commissions.

Measured by any standard, MonaVie represents the right opportunity at the right time. The evidence of this can be gauged by its success. In 2009, four years after its founding, the Inc. 500 listed MonaVie as the No. 1 fastest-growing private company in the Food & Beverage category, and Ernst & Young named Dallin A. Larsen, MonaVie’s founder, chairman and CEO, Entrepreneur of the Year.

More than a million MonaVie consumers and distributors in 19 countries have discovered a more meaningful life as they have used and marketed MonaVie product. At a time when governments and organizations of all kinds are struggling to find solutions for the one billion unemployed and underemployed worldwide, MonaVie has led the way in effectively elevating the lives of people in just about every socioeconomic situation imaginable.

And, Dallin Larsen says this is only the beginning of what MonaVie will become. “We have a vision of becoming a multi-billion dollar company led by world class executives and distributor leaders who will take the benefits and blessings of direct sales to the four corners of the world,” he says. “We don’t just want to be the best company in the world; our goal is to be the best company for the world.”


Jeff Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer

Sep 23, 2011

Weekly Round Up: September 23, 2011

It’s been a busy week for us here at MonaVie corporate! Here’s a round up of this week’s activity.

You first heard about it on the September 2011 North America Organizational Call with Jeff Graham, and as promised, MonaVie was featured in USA Today. Not only that, but MonaVie offered free product to new contacts wishing to know more about the MonaVie opportunity.

Well, no one could have predicted the numbers of people who would jump at the chance for free product and an opportunity to learn more about MonaVie, in that our initial supplies sold out in less than 24 hours and with over 20,000 requests received in less than 48 hours, we decided we had no choice than to allow new contacts to pre-register for our next promotion.

In case you’re wondering, MonaVie Essential was the most requested product, followed by Active, (M)mun and Pulse.

If you didn’t get the paper, MonaVie’s marketing team created a download to print and share of the full USA Today insert.

Not to distract you from the phenomenon that has been the USA Today insert, MonaVie announced a major discount to MonaVie RVL product with a dollar-for-PV value on 3-Day Sample Packs and Single Serve Pakcets.

Read all about it here.

Oh, and to finish off the action-packed week, MonaVie unveiled the “1 Billion” Ad, featured in USA Today, which states that “there are nearly 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty, according to the new Census Bureau report.”

The ad comes on the heels of a CBS News report, aired September 22, 2011, on recession and the impact on young adults, who according to the report, are at risk of living in poverty more than others.

MonaVie further states, “Community commerce (or direct selling) is the only business model truly scalable enough to address the issues at hand.”

What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Read more about the USA Today “1 Billion” ad and the CBS News Report on recession here.

As for the social media specific sphere, are you seeing all the new changes Facebook unveiled this week? Did you notice? Is Google+ gaining on the networking superstar site? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Until next week!


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