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Nov 5, 2009

More Twitter Talk

I realize that at this point you’re all pros since signing up on Twitter this morn and tweeting all afternoon but for the fun of it, let’s talk a little bit more about the Twitter basics.


Rules of engagement on the Twitter platform - good rules to live by when engaging with anyone on any platform actually. These are considered best practices in the online world and as we introduce these rules, take them to heart. They will serve you well.

D – Direct Message

A private message sent between two Twitterers, or tweeps. To direct message someone just simply type a “d” before their username and then the message.

@ Message

A public message sent directly to another tweep. Same method as the direct message, just know @ reply messages will go straight to your tweeps live Twitter feed and will be there for all the world to keeping it PG is a good rule of thumb.

RT – ReTweeting

The art of repeating, or retweeting, what someone else says and give them credit in the process. If you like a tweet then pass it on but always give credit where credit is due. It’s good manners. And people like people with good manners.


A way to categorize a common message and track tweets. For example, if I want to talk about, oh say, MonaVie Pulse I’d write something along the lines of “#mvpulse” before my message. So simple it’s ridiculous.

Note: Do not abuse the hashtag. This makes you no better than spammers and we all know how we feel about spammers (Answer: not good). Some say that the hashtag is a dying form, mainly because of the overuse and abuse by spammers looking to profit from hot key words. Still, it's people using it in good practice that will revive the hashtag so I'd say, keep it in your arsenal of Twitter know-how.

There you have it - a couple rules to live by in the Twitter-verse. That’s Twitter universe for those who are not following my Twitter talk (Twalk?).

Now onto the build up created in my last post:

Why you should follow MonaVie on Twitter?

Simply put, we want you to become part of the conversation on Twitter, whether that’s just telling us why you like the product, questions you might have, or to simply inform others on the site about something interesting. The latest MonaVie news is typically going to be posted to Blog MV, however by following MonaVie on Twitter you will also receive:

  1. Notifications of the most recent news and updates on the MonaVie websites
  2. Live and real-time updates at events
  3. Exclusive offers and discounts on MonaVie Mall items
  4. Exclusive “Twitter Only” contests and promotions
  5. Tips and information that will benefit you, your health and your MonaVie business
  6. Communication with MonaVie distributors!

That's what I got for you today.

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