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Oct 1, 2013

MonaVie Recognized in Media For Philanthropic Efforts in Brazil

It’s always great to see when the MonaVie name hits the news—especially when it means creating “A More Meaningful Life” for children in the favelas of Brazil.

In a recent article that appeared in, reporter Marv Dumon expands on how MonaVie provides “5,090 meals a week, including 700 servings of MonaVie, to hungry children and families living in squalor in the mountainous South American city of Sao Paulo.” 

Aug 20, 2013

From Obesity to Philanthropy: MonaVie Helps People Around the World Live A More Meaningful Life

MonaVie is in the business to make a difference in people’s lives. You know it. We know it. And, it looks like more and more people in the media now know it, too. 

Jul 30, 2013

CNN iReport Takes Note of MORE Project's Philanthropy Efforts

According to a recent article in Forbes, annual giving increased to $312 billion in 2012. That's good news for a lot of organizations around the world—including the MORE Project. 

Jul 16, 2013

“A More Meaningful Life”... It’s A Global Movement

For years now, the MonaVie tagline line “A More Meaningful Life” has served as inspiration for MonaVie customers, employees, and distributors alike to focus on creating a life filled with meaning—for ourselves and our families.

But when the MonaVie founders coined the phrase, they knew that its deep meaning would transcend boundaries and be shared around the world. And it certainly has special meaning for the children living in the harsh conditions of the Brazilian favelas.

Jul 9, 2013

MonaVie: Dedicated to “Providing for the Impoverished Masses”

Companies like MonaVie are getting noticed for their efforts in lending a hand to impoverished communities in countries like Brazil. 

Dec 27, 2011

Top 5 Founder Favorites of 2011—Year in Review

Yes, we, too, love a good year in review.

Here’s a look at our MonaVie Founders’ top 5 favorite memories of 2011…

Dallin A. Larsen, MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO
1.    Selling the first case of MonaVie juice for $5,000 at the very first MonaVie meeting in January of 2005. This money was given to the Red Cross to help victims of a recent tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand. We started MonaVie by inviting all to give back and serve others. It’s a principle we’ve maintained.
2.    The countless letters I’ve received from distributors around the world sharing with me how their lives have been blessed physically and financially through MonaVie.
3.    The car ride in Seoul, Korea, with B.Y. Na, our General Manager, when he turned to me and said, “Dallin, what I love the most about MonaVie is that it’s offering people in Korea a way to live a More Meaningful Life.” I went back to the hotel and thought about this statement. As a result, we changed our slogan from “Drink it, Feel it, Share it” to “MonaVie – Helping People Live a More Meaningful Life.” A few months later, my good friend, B.Y. Na left this earth as he passed away due to complications from cancer. But his legacy will live on.
4.    My daughter, Boo (age 5, at the time), mimicking me at a meeting in Florida. I took her with me and as I’m giving the meeting, people start laughing. I wasn’t sure why and then I notice that my daughter is standing next to me mimicking my hand movements and my mannerisms. She’s a sweetheart.
5.    The day I got word from our accounting department that with that week’s commission payments, we had just exceeded $1 billion in commissions paid to our distributors. It warmed my heart knowing that we were indeed blessing many people around the world.

Henry Marsh, MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman
1.    Serving dinner to tsunami victims in Sendai, Japan, and feeling of their gratitude.
2.    Attending the Superbowl with MonaVie Black Diamonds, and watching Gina Merritt, Lita Hart, and Holly Roush rush on stage to see the Black Eyed Peas.
3.    Riding ATVs on the beaches of Cabo at the Black Diamond Destination.
4.    Raising $1.5 million plus at the MORE Project Gala at Convention 2011.
5.    Seeing the positive effects that MonaVie products have on people’s lives, such as the Balusek family and Petey Dandini with MonaVie RVL.

Randy Larsen, MonaVie President of Asia Pacific, Founder and Vice Chairman
1.    Taking 350 orphans to the Zoo in Korat, Thailand, with Shah Kahn, my friend the monk, and other distributors.
2.    Visiting the flood victims of Thailand, along with many MonaVie distributors, and assisting those victims with food and supplies.
3.    My first visit to India, and meeting the India staff and visiting some charities with Katie and Raj and team.
4.    MORE Project dinner and program at Convention when I saw the true hearts of so many generous distributors give.
5.    Convention: hearing and seeing so many incredible life stories and feeling the special spirit at that event.

What were your favorite MonaVie memories of 2011? Leave us a comment.

Nov 9, 2011

What I “Need” for Christmas



Sponsor a Child with the MORE Project

Each year during the holidays, I look forward to when The MORE Project places its Christmas tree in the lobby of MonaVie Corporate. The ornaments on the tree consist of a picture of a child from Brazil with some basic information about who they are and what they would want or need for Christmas.

Last year I chose an ornament that featured a boy who appeared to be somewhere between the ages of my own two boys, hoping they would identify with him. Before placing the ornament on our own Christmas tree that night, I asked my kids to give him a name. They chose the name “Bartokamos,” and we spent the balance of the evening talking about how our relatively small contribution would provide Bartokamos with food, clothing, and a gift that holiday season.

Over the years, as we’ve continued this tradition, I’ve come to realize what I—and what my family—really need for Christmas…and that is an opportunity to serve others in a meaningful way. I can’t think of a more worthy cause than The MORE Project, so when I heard about their goal to sponsor 100 children by the end of the year (watch video), I wanted to share my experience with you.

If you are blessed with surplus this year—or even if you have to make a few sacrifices—I encourage you to sponsor a child through The MORE Project. I assure you there are many children just like Bartokamos who are counting on your generosity. For more information, click here.

If you’d like to share your experiences with The MORE Project Sponsor a Child program, or similar experience, leave a comment below.


Brian Gill

Sr. Director of Corporate Communications

Aug 3, 2011

80,000 Fans Strong and Beyond

Congratulations to YOU for helping MonaVie reach the 80,000 fans mark on Facebook - could not have done it without ya. Truly.

Here are the giveaways:

A MonaVie RVL bag full of fun swag.

A copy of Sergio Ponce's book We Can Do So Much MORE along with a MORE Project notebook and pen.

The Five Star Opportunity Flip Chart, shown on the MonaVie Mall.

Here's how you enter into the drawing:

1 entry point - Leave me a comment below, on Facebook and/or Tweet or reTweet this post.

3 entry points - Send me ( your 200-word "I am MonaVie" story with a high-resolution photo.

That's a total of 6 entry points possible. Got it?

We'll close the drawing tomorrow, Thursday, August 4 at 12 midnight MST.

Way to go MonaVie friends and family! Our next mile marker is definitely 100,000 fans. Let's do it!


Share it!


MonaVie Chief Blogger

NOTE: This giveaway is officially close. Winners will be chosen and posted soon.


Jun 8, 2011

MonaVie Bronze Executive Launches Financial Book for Women; Dedicates Proceeds to MORE Project


MonaVie Bronze Executive Ruth Bayang Stoffel is not your typical MonaVie distributor, unless winning an Emmy Award is typical. The Malaysian born, former television producer in Seattle has just written a book for women entitled “Free at 40” that is designed to “empower women to control their own destiny and achieve financial freedom.”

“I wrote the book because I am an introverted person, but I am passionate about people getting smart about their money and their financial future. Writing a book seemed like a non-intrusive way to get that message across.”

Stoffel heard about MonaVie through fellow students in a real estate coaching program, but wasn’t interested in the opportunity until she found out one of the coaches she respected and admired was in the business. At that time, she had no idea how joining MonaVie would influence her life for good.

“MonaVie has made me be a more positive person. I smile more and I'm a more polite driver since a decal is on my car! Best of all, MonaVie reunited me with my daughter who was missing from my life for 12 years. An old college friend, who I reconnected with and was talking to about MonaVie, found my daughter on Facebook.”

And while writing a book is noteworthy, Stoffel is also taking it a step further by donating proceeds to The MORE Project.

“I am so grateful that MonaVie brought my daughter back into my life. I wanted to do something for MonaVie via The MORE Project where it would be a win-win situation for both parties. I'd like to up the ante too. I will give 100 percent of proceeds to The MORE Project for sales on June 10, 2011, to coincide with the MonaVie Imagine International Convention and 30 percent will still go to The MORE Project from now until June 30.”

For those interested in buying the book or ebook can do so at or you can buy a hard copy of the book. You can also follow Ruth on Twitter at or her website,

May 11, 2011

The MORE Project May 2011 Expedition

[caption id="attachment_14513" align="alignleft" width="226" caption="MORE Meals! "][/caption]

Hey all my friends, tweeps, peeps and MonaVie family members - I’m in Brazil! That’s right, I’m on The MORE Project Expedition, and I’m taking you along with me. I’ll be checking in (virtually, of course) throughout the week with blog posts, photos, videos and Facebook and Twitter updates when I can find a good connection!

Please feel free to join the MonaVie Facebook page and/or visit the MORE Project Expedition to Brazil page to see even MORE proof of where your donations are going and how The MORE Project is providing these children a MORE Meaningful Life!

Check out our first day here meeting the children at The MORE Project--So precious!






MonaVie Chief Blogger


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