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Jun 15, 2010

MonaVie Supports Our Troops


It all started with a conversation between two best friends and former teammates, cheerleaders for the then Los Angeles Rams and now St. Louis Rams. Both Arlene Melhorn and Mary Cromwell are MonaVie distributors, along with Mary’s husband Nolan, former player and current coach for the Rams. It was Mary and Nolan’s son, 1st Lieutenant Lance Cromwell, who was the topic of that particular conversation and it was that conversation that instigated a grand call to action.

Whew…did you get all that? Okay, here’s more:

Deployed in October 2009, Lance Cromwell was serving 9-12 months in Iraq in the United States Army.

Mary tried to keep Lance and his platoon stocked with MonaVie product when manageable with the inconsistent mailing system. It gave her a little peace of mind, knowing that she could provide him some quality nutrition, which otherwise, was dependent on situation and circumstance.

The products were an instant hit so Arlene and Mary approached MonaVie Founder and Co-Chairman Henry Marsh and Senior Vice President Jeff Graham, who quickly got Executive Professional Assistant Lynn Beach on the job. And shortly before the Christmas holiday, boxes of EMV, drink and gel, were shipped to Lance and his platoon, along with t-shirts and a large MonaVie banner for them to display proudly (see above photo).

Sending the product was a quick decision, however, getting said product to the platoon was an adventure to say the least. But eventually, though long after the winter holiday, the product did arrive and was shared among the soldiers.


The message home was simple:

Thanks for all your support. My men really enjoyed the MonaVie.  The gel packs were such a great little treat, and it made them feel special which is priceless in my book…We have been receiving the EMV energy drinks as well. Both the gel packs and the EMV have given us the mental edge needed out here to stay alert in the desert.

Our guys are doing great and appreciate the support. Thanks again!

1LT Lance Cromwell

1st Platoon, Platoon Leader

Thank you Lance Cromwell and platoon, for the freedom that you defend. Also, thank you to your wife, Janelle, for the support and sacrifice you make! Similarly we appreciate Mary and Nolan, and Arlene for contacting us with such a great story.


So, here’s a conversation that we hope instigates another call to action and that action being, if you have a message you’d like to share with Lance and his platoon, leave us a comment here on BlogMV. We’ll make sure he gets them. Unfortunately, snail mail is cut off this week but it’s the thought that counts…so share yours today!

Share it!

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P.S. The Cromwell’s are a talented bunch as daughter Jennifer, also a MonaVie distributor, is a recent NCAA rowing championship winner, bringing home the U23 title to the University of Virginia, a first in the university’s history. She’s also trying out for the next US Olympic rowing team.

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