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Feb 11, 2011

MonaVie RVL Collared Shirt Giveaway!

I was handed this gem of a shirt by Senior Vice President Jeff Graham himself. He said he had a few MonaVie RVL shirts, specifically created for him and other traveling corporate to wear while on tour, and wanted to share the love, offering this one from his personal stash as a giveaway!

MonaVie RVL men's XL shirt

It hasn't been worn by Jeff, though I'm not sure if that is a plus or a minus. Whoever wins may want to know this shirt has been close to Jeff's infamous abdominal muscles. I am sure we can facilitate that request.

It is a men's XL but ladies, do not be shy about entering. Leave me a comment here on BlogMV, on Facebook or by tweeting or retweeting us on Twitter and you'll be entered. We're keeping this giveaway open all weekend and will pick and post a winner first thing Monday morning.

So, to recap, enter to win 1 men's XL collared shirt (with embroidered MonaVie RVL on the left chest and left folded cuff - oh fancy!) by leaving us a comment on any of our social media platforms...and we'll reconvene on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend!

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

UPDATE: And our winner to the glorious giveaway, chosen at random using is...wait for it...Kandace Batz, who left the following comment, "Shante….we love your contests!! Don’t forget us Canadians up here, could use a long sleeve. :)"

Well Kandace, we shall not forget our neighbors to the north! Please send me your distributor number and mailing address ( and I'll get your shirt to the post (office), posthaste.

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