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Nov 23, 2011

MonaVie Nears 100,000 Facebook Fans: Thank You!

In the very near future, MonaVie will eclipse 100,000 Fans on Facebook. And we have you to thank for getting us to this most significant milestone. Better yet, we believe that this is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship between us on Facebook.

There’s a lot of research about why people commit to “liking” a Facebook page. All studies point to one top factor: Fans get something in return—whether it’s real-time updates and information, special promotions, or anything in between.

Michael Crom, vice president of Dale Carnegie Training, wrote an article in USA Today that contains some great tips about how a company can increase and improve engagement with its Fans. The same rules apply to you and your own individual Facebook page, especially as it pertains to your MonaVie business. Here are the highlights:

  • Don’t just post and dash.
    • Listen and respond to feedback from your posts.
    • Thank people for responding. They’ll want to contribute more, and these added responses will help your site become more visible in Google search results.
  • Be positive and productive.
    • Avoid the “3 Deadly Cs” of Facebook posting: Criticizing, Condemning and Complaining.
  • Don’t just rote promote, create a real community!
    • Make your Facebook friends an integral part of what you do. Build an environment where they can not only react to you—but also interact with one another.

As of this writing, MonaVie has 98,204 Facebook Fans. You’ve gotten us this far, so we’re asking you to help us reach 100,000 by sharing our page with your friends!

And what will we do for you in return? We promise to provide you and yours with real-time information and updates so that you can continue your ongoing conversation with MonaVie—whenever it’s convenient for you.

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