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Dec 19, 2011

MonaVie Distributor or Master Gardener? The Seed of Choice (part 3 of 4)

Previously, we discussed the pesky seeds of fear and doubt and how, through positive thinking, you can greatly affect your desired outcome. This week, we discuss the seed of choice…

The Seed of Choice
Like a radio that offers new music with each turn of the dial, life, too, is ready and able to provide you with whatever it is you may be seeking—from the most virtuous virtue to the most visceral vice. The various frequencies on your FM/AM radio are ever-present over the airways, but it isn’t until you choose to tune into one of them that you will hear that station’s music and bring that influence—good or bad—into your life.

In life, your thoughts act as the tuner for your mind and, thus, determine what kind of mental music you listen to and are influenced by. Some popular mental music stations play music featuring negativity and co-starring self-pity. With so many options available, why spend time listening to the same old song? Commit now to wake up tomorrow with the attitude that today will be the best day of your life. Then mentally plan how your day will be successful and how you will respond to potential challenges. And don’t be surprised when you do have an extraordinary day or when people start coming into your life who share your same beliefs. After all, they’re listening to the same station you are.

Now that you know you can choose to dance to a different tune—even though you may have been listening to the same one for years—what kind of “mental music” will you select from this day forward? And will you be programming yourself for success?

Tune in Wednesday, December 21, for our final chapter in this four-part blog series: The MonaVie Master Gardener Challenge!

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