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Nov 24, 2009

(M)mūn: First Product Details

How excited are we to talk about this new product? Super duper excited actually. We won’t give you everything just yet, mainly because we want to keep you itching for more – and remember the post where I said I like to tease? It’s still true. I do.

Product Science

There are many amazing ingredients in this blend but here are the first two you should know about…and practice pronouncing.

Jucara is an açai palm tree that differs in species from the açai, or euterpe olaecera, we've known and loved for a few years now. That açai is still the super star in (M)mūn, with jucara playing a close second, along with maqui.

Ma-whatie? Keep reading.


As we said above, jucara is an acai palm tree, native to South America. A drink made with this form of açai is widely consumed by the inhabitants of the northern region of Brazil. The jucara açai palm produces dark purple fruit that looks similar to a grape or blueberry. This fruit is rich in polyphenol antioxidants and according to laboratory testing; the jucara açai fruit has a strong ORAC value when compared to other fruits and vegetables.

Um, we like strong ORACs. I’m impressed so far. Now onto the next ingredient…

Maqui Berry

Maqui (pronounced “mä-key”) is a plant that grows in Chile and western Argentina. The deep purple maqui berry has been used traditionally for a variety of benefits including support for immune health and vitality. It also contains powerful antioxidants including polyphenols and anthocyanins, which help protect against the damaging effects free radicals can have on our cells. Maqui berry also supports healthier aging.

So did you catch that? Support for immune health and vitality. Does the name start to make sense? (M)mūn.

Want more? Of course you want more! Well, here’s some insider info then…Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Randy Larsen and VP of Product Management Jeff Graham will soon be taking a trip to South America and documenting their time there on Facebook. If you want to see pictures of the maqui berry and whatever else they come up with while there then follow Randy Larsen. You’ll have to friend him first:

We’ll also post his updates to our fan page but to get it first, be Randy’s friend.

Okay, thoughts? Feedback? More questions?

Coming up after the holiday break…more marketing talk and a video with Jeff Graham will further enlighten us on (M)mūn. Have questions you’d like answered? Leave them in the comments and between now and the January 2010 launch we’ll do our darndest to get those answered.

In the meantime…

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