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Nov 19, 2009

Light Bulbs, Aha Moments and other Fabulous Ideas

Shout out to Jake Wilson on our MonaVie Facebook Fan page and @JoyMikhael on Twitter for posting the comments that prompted this post. It was the following questions left on Facebook and Twitter that got me thinking, which is always a good thing first thing in the morning:

Jake Wilson have you guys considered making an app of the virtual office for the iphone and other smart phones? Yesterday at 2:46pm

JoyMikhael @monavie who do we ask about MV mall needing more workout wear? 20 hours ago @ 02:28 PM

First off, both awesome ideas are ones I want to hear more about from our fans and followers; and second, what a great platform to start such conversations! Keep it up you smart people.

Yesterday, our guest post by MonaVie Public Relations Manager Julie Jenkins was ended with a call to action; that call to action being to submit those great story ideas to her either via comments, feedback or tweets or to simply email her at

I encourage you to take Ms. Julie Jenkins up on her offer. You may think, “Oh, I’m not sure my idea is worthwhile.” Um, trust me, it is and here at headquarters we value your ideas more than you realize. It is your ideas, as distributors and general audience of MonaVie, that spur action on our part. I mean, wasn’t MonaVie just an idea in Founder and CEO Dallin Larsen’s head? What would have happened if he never shared that glorious idea? You got it. Nothing would have happened. And then where would we all be? You don't have to answer that.

In addition, all those ideas about products, don't think we don't read every one and then document all of them for further conversation.

So please, open those brains and share it! Unless that hurts too much and then I'd say drink a couple ounces of MonaVie...and then open those brains and share those ideas. We’re so interested. Who knows if that idea looming in your head right now is the next idea that will take MonaVie, and your business, to that billion-dollar mark?

In conclusion, those light bulbs, aha moments and other fabulous ideas are only as good as how open you are with sharing them. Consider your corporate staff your ready audience and BlogMV, Facebook and Twitter your platforms.

Now get sharing!

Share It!

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