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Feb 11, 2010

Life on the Road with Dallin: Special Announcement

You have seen many of the video clips with Dallin and the amazing people and their stories he's encountered while on the road these last few days. In addition to today's video from his Atlanta, GA meeting, located on Facebook, where you met an amazing little girl named Lily, he'd like to share a quick message, with an extraordinary announcement regarding her progress:

Hi MonaVie,

Dallin and Karree here in Chicago, getting ready for meeting tonight. Go to to see where we’re heading next and get your family and friends to these events. Last week’s meetings in Dallas and Houston both were jam packed. Atlanta and Kansas City this week have been spectacular. Got a big hug from Lily, who you’ve seen on MonaVie jet. She’s the beautiful little girl with cancer. Well, Debbie Kalb called me yesterday and Lily’s Mom had just informed her the doctors are now saying that Lily is cancer free! It’s a year of miracles. I’ve been saying it and believing it. I’m seeing and hearing the miracles on the road every meeting. What’s your miracle? Expect it and live for it!!!

See you along the road. MonaVie is becoming the best company FOR the world. It’s an honor to be associated with each and every one of you.

From Success to Significance,

Dallin and Karree

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