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Jan 20, 2010

Letters to Dallin

MonaVie Founder and CEO Dallin A. Larsen receives hundreds of emails from distributors around the world on a daily basis. He was so inspired by the many letters flooding in after the 2010 Global Kickoff webcast he asked that we share a few snippets from a handful of letters between now and Anaheim here on BlogMV. Here are the first in the series Letters to Dallin:

2010 is going to be a phenomenal year and we are anticipating great miracles! Our God-given dream is to be a blessing and to help change lives. We refuse to stop hoping in God no matter what our circumstances look like currently. We are definitely being stretched and are excited to see what God has in store for us. We intend to overcome and become significant and can't wait to share our story to inspire others. Don and Sandi Troiano

We are so humbled and honored to part of your team in MonaVie and in life.  Our home was filled with 50+ people filled with the willingness to hope for a better year in 2010 for their families and friends.  You and the incredible team you assembled delivered in high style!  We heard back from distributors world wide; the most common thing we heard by far was, "HOW CAN WE GET THIS WEBCAST?!!!"  People everywhere wanted to watch it again and share it with their teams as well as new prospects.  Our local MonaVie family made this video for you. Jonathan and Danielle Brown

Thank you so much for your call yesterday, it meant so much to me that you would give of your time to do so. Having worked for 13 mortgage companies over the span of 20 years, I have yet to have a call from the CEO of any of them, so your call demonstrates the heart you have for us in the field and we appreciate it very much! Dallin, all our hopes and dreams are resting on this business and we are “all in” with MonaVie. Thank you for daring to step out and make a difference for us! Greg Gempler

After watching the web cast last night, I felt like signing up again! I always love and enjoy hearing you speak. Everything from the awesome introduction, all the incentives, bonuses, M(mune) Randy S, to the blogging and most of all what we are all doing for the kids and families with The MORE Project. I truly believe MonaVie is so blessed because of what we do for the kids of Brazil and all around the world everyday! Dallin, I can't thank you and the rest of the executive team enough for putting together this wonderful product and opportunity for the world to live a better life by helping others.  I appreciate you Dallin! I love MonaVie. Daniel Cantero

The juice has had a profound effect on my personal health and we are now building the business.  I now have passion back in my life. I feel that the opportunity we have in front of us is way beyond selling juice.  We have the opportunity to change the world. Craig Williams

I just want to say that your webcast last night was life changing. I feel so lucky and blessed to be part of the Monavie family. Real quick I want to
share a story from last night. After the webcast I was getting text messages like crazy from my team members. One in particular that I want to share with you. Word for word this is what it said.

"OMG, are you watching? This company has become so much more to me!"

If that doesn't sum up the night I don't know what does. Tim Schmidt

My wife and I are very proud to be a part of the MonaVie team. Regardless of how small or large our part, we are proud to stand with you to make a difference in this world...the message [on the webcast] was fantastic and your vision is crystal clear...Onward and upward 2010, the year of miracles!!!! See you at the top, Kent and Krista Elmore

This company is like no other and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I want to personally thank you for what you have done to make this a company that genuinely cares about its distributors. We are all so very blessed. I'm excited for 2010 and what we are all going to do as a team for our families, for MonaVie, for the world. We really can change the world one person at a time. Molly LaPorta

The new incentive plans are great, I love what you do for the distributors. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando. BTW, I sponsored 121 distributors and it seems like I am on the 10 year plan to Black Diamond, but I am never going to quit until I find a couple Diamonds in my patch...Marcy Gordon Negri

I was so moved by hearing more information about the MORE Project I simply fell to my knees and prayed to God that he lead me to something bigger and better than what I am doing now, which is nothing , to help others. I have so much to give...I just want to say thank you for igniting the spark in my heart and to ask for whatever assistance you may be able to lead me to that will help me get a jump start on the path to success with Mona Vie...Sincerely, Tim Stunda

I too dreamed the same dream you did as a kid.  In the plains of Texas as a farm boy and rancher, raised with the same values that you have shared…I sit today living out those dreams.  I thank MonaVie for changing my life. I just reached Bronze Executive but am a Diamond waiting to happen…Many Blessings, Scott Dryden

You have to know that the reason I joined MonaVie, over and above the product, was that I saw men of character walking out "market place ministry"…I have heard it preached for years but have never seen it in action…thank you for giving the believer a home to make a difference in the business world...Blessings on you, Mark Piers

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