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Oct 31, 2011

Join the RVLution!

In January 2011, MonaVie officially launched RVL, and, a year later, it is the premier weight management program on the market today. Thousands have tried the product, hundreds of thousands of pounds have been lost and, based on the volume of success stories we have received and continue to receive, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. And, the need has never been greater!

Here’s why:

  • Obesity skyrocketing in the U.S. – 1 in 3 adults in the United States is considered obese.In 2000, no state had an obesity prevalence rate of 30% or more, and, in 2011, 12 states have eclipsed 30%.
  • Diabetes on the rise – In 1995, only four states had a diabetes rate higher than 6%. Today, 43 states have a diabetes rate over 7%.
  • Childhood obesity – And, it’s not just adults…globally over 42 million children under the age of five are overweight, and chances of these children becoming obese as adults is extremely high.

With so much in the world that we can’t control these days, one thing that we control—even with the looming holiday season — is our weight. MonaVie has made this easier than ever with a simple 1-2-3 system that manages weight in a healthy way.  Featuring a delicious shake mix, crave-worthy snack bar and all-natural, metabolism boosting supplement, this premier weight solution has everything you need to reach your ideal weight. The proof is in the success stories, the dramatic before and after pictures and the healthier lifestyles people are living, as they use and share RVL. To provide even more incentive for people to get healthier in the new year, MonaVie is launching the MonaVie RVLution in January 2012, which promises to be the biggest promotion in the history of our industry! Over the next few weeks, we will provide details on this monumental promotion.  However, one thing I can tell you now is that MonaVie is up to the challenge! We will be giving away $1 million in prizes…that’s right $1 million in prizes to those who join and participate in the coming RVLution!

Plan now to have a healthier, more meaningful life in 2012. Join the RVLution!

Let me know if you’ll be joining us, and leave a comment below!

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