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Nov 10, 2011

How Are You Creating Experiences?



Not all experiences are created equal. The majority of experiences we have in the course of a week or month are soon forgotten and do little to change the course of our lives. But when you think about it, the experiences that have had the power to touch, change or move you, and remain forever etched in your mind, have a common thread. Usually, it’s because someone you love, trust or admire shares something with you that has personally affected them or motivated them to change their life.

The Importance of Creating an Experience

Isn’t that the reason that the Community CommerceSM business model is so powerful? As discussed in a recent blog, this model is successful because it’s based on building relationships within the communities to which we belong and then creating experiences within those relationships that move people to seek a more meaningful life. Many of today’s business leaders are just now beginning to discover what many MonaVie distributors already know—it’s about the experience!

When Southwest Airlines goes out of its way to please a customer, they know that by providing one customer a great experience, that customer has the potential to become a brand ambassador and share experiences that can shape the opinions of others. This is why they have a dedicated team of representatives listening on social media channels, handling complaints, informing their communities about inclement weather and offering discounts on flights. The team’s goal is to create memorable experiences that result in loyalty and repeat business. It’s all about the customer experience.

Successful distributors know that they must do much more than merely contact someone. New customers and distributors are created when individuals have positive, personal experiences at a friend’s tasting party or at a MonaVie-sponsored event. Our whole goal for corporate events like MonaVie 2.0, I Am MonaVie Tour or MonaVie Convention, is to create a memorable experience that moves attendees to action and ultimately to make changes that will improve the quality of their life.

How Are You Creating Experiences?

With the advent of social media channels, communication has never been so convenient. You can text, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, email and maybe even make an actual call on the phone! But is convenience somehow replacing experiences? When you reach out to those you want to share MonaVie with, how are you creating experiences?

I want to know!

Share with me the best ways you have shared MonaVie with others by leaving a comment below.

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