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Dec 15, 2010

Henry WHO? Establishing Credibility Through Your Personal Brand

Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh was recently interviewed by WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa. Listen to the interview by following this link:

Henry Marsh WHO Radio Interview

Though a practiced and polished speaker in his own right, there are some deliberate habits that Henry exemplified so perfectly during this live interview, habits that lend themselves well to talking about any product or opportunity, whether part of a network marketing line up or other business model. Here are a few examples that Social Media Manager Mike Jensen and I picked up on:

1. Henry personally branded himself, building credibility from his experiences, life and accomplishments. Note that his sense of humor and personal style is present from the beginning, demonstrating an ease of nature and authenticity to his message. It’s important to BE YOURSELF, and only you can be your self best. (Go with it, it makes sense in my head.)

Your audience will relate to you as a person before a product or opportunity. Henry sets the stage well by mentioning not only his successes as an Olympic athlete but also mentioning his failures and moments of learning, saying, “The difference comes in life when you allow your failure to be your floor or your ceiling.”

So while sometimes successes might be a bit elusive for another, everyone can relate to failure can they not? And everyone can see the importance of moving forward after failure.

2.  Though an expert in the field of health and nutrition as it pertains to training for the Olympics, Henry still deferred to science and research done on the MonaVie products by the Scientific Advisory Board. He also mentioned the need to steer clear of claims and the willingness to adhere to FTC guidelines. A respect for those guidelines will build credibility quicker than any health claim. Again, you may have this grand experience with the products but believe it or not, sharing that experience may end up being counterproductive in building your credibility. Product experiences are personal and more often than not, elusive and indefinite.

3.  By listening first and allowing the interviewer to draw lines of comparison, Henry was able to tailor his comments and deliver information that met the demand of his audience, in this case fitness and finances, topics everyone can relate to. By the time the MonaVie products were mentioned, Henry had established himself as a credible source, one in which his audience was already invested, thus taking his recommendation as a valued opinion. No selling was done; no one felt sold. Imagine if the interview started off by mentioning MonaVie before establishing his credibility? Know your why and know how you want to finish your conversations or discussions with others. Customize your "why" to your audience, or the people you meet. Such a great approach!

4. Henry mentioned the importance of being significant and grateful; examples in MonaVie being through our sustainable harvesting techniques and the MORE Project. In the same breath, Henry edifies the other founders of MonaVie, mentioning Dallin’s skills that compliment his own, which does well to further cementing his character and credibility.

So, that’s what we got out of the interview. Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you pick up on from our pro Henry Marsh.

Henry Marsh WHO Radio Interview

And for a little help getting to know your brand and/or creating your best brand here are few resources from Forbes and Entrepreneur:

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And after you've read up on brand best practices come back and tell us a little bit about your brand. Until next time...

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