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Nov 23, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Mention

Who's a Twilight fan? *screaming ensues*

If so, then it's possible you've already seen the MonaVie EMV mention is Harper's Bazaar "Holiday Survival Guide." There's a link to the story on On the Move if you haven't. We're mentioned about slide 14. Oh, and the cover is Bella and Edward from Twilight if you were wondering where that fit in.

Now I must pose the question - what keeps you going through the holidays? For me it's lighting the fireplace (and by lighting I mean flipping the switch that makes the fireplace magically light up. It's magic right? Right?) and sipping hot cocoa. Also, any opportunity to flex my shopping muscles gets me through anything quite well.

What about you?

Share this story with friends and contacts and further boost the Holiday Gift Pack sales over these merry weeks. Too self promotional? Well, tis the season right! Plus, those gift packs are mighty pretty. Just sayin'.

You can also RT (retweet) our mention on Twitter, "Check out the Harper's Bazaar 'Holiday Survival Guide.' MonaVie EMV is a must have (slide 14). How do you survive the season?"

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