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Jun 11, 2010

Going the Extra Mile (Literally) with MonaVie

While traveling home one night MonaVie Director of Recognition Alec Clark noticed a Black Chrysler 300 in front of him branded in MonaVie. In a moment he decided he would try to find out who the person was in the vehicle and thank them for their business building efforts.

Apparently luck with green lights was on his side, however, that meant traveling an extra 10 miles north, trailing the MonaVie branded car, before finally hitting a red light where Alec quickly put his car in park and ran up along side the elusive Black Chrysler. The windows were tinted making it impossible for him to see the driver.

“I held up two MonaVie EMV hats I had on hand before knocking on the window, hoping they didn’t think I was a crazy person,” said Alec. “We only had a moment but I told the women driver and her two children, who were all wearing MonaVie branded clothing, that I appreciated their hard work and thanked them for carry the MonaVie brand. Then I handed them the hats and my business card.”

After, Alec raced back to his car and they went their separate ways.

A day or two later he received a message from Ruby Executive George Wright:

Thanks for the EMV hats.  My wife said you stopped her at the light the other day and gave her a couple EMVLite hats in appreciation for advertising on our car…She loved the appreciation and gifts…I told Zann Horlacher and Burke Green (my up line) when we met today that they need to get their cars pimped out and get some free stuff! Thanks again, George

Thank you George and Rachel for going the extra mile.

On a similar note, during Senior Vice President Jeff Graham’s last visit to Southern California, he noticed a MonaVie branded parked car outside a home. In a similar moment of inspiration, Jeff decided to find out about the distributor behind the decal. When he knocked on the door he was greeted by Holly Fletcher, a MonaVie distributor who was no longer building her business. The exchange was brief but the impact was felt. Jeff received a note from Holly less than a week later telling him that she and her husband, Mark, were “planning some big things for the summer to get back in the game!”

Moral of the story? You never know when your efforts will be recognized…so keep pushing, keep driving, keep enrolling and carry that brand proudly!

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