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Sep 15, 2011

FYI: A List of Our MonaVie Market Fan Pages

Are you a fan of MonaVie' Facebook page? I'm assuming yes, if you followed the link posted on our Facebook page. What about MonaVie on Twitter? Great! Next question - are you a fan of MonaVie's market specific Facebook pages? No? Would you like to be? Yes? Okay then, for your ease and comfort, I have provided a list of our markets who are engaging via social media - become a fan and get of-the-moment updates across the globe.

MonaVie Australia/New Zealand

MonaVie Brasil

MonaVie United Kingdom

MonaVie Poland

MonaVie Israel

MonaVie Germany

MonaVie Malaysia

MonaVie Portugal


And a few of our executives you may wish to follow:

Jeff Graham

Randy Larsen

Randy Schroeder


Oh and one final group page you'll definitely want to friend:

The MORE Project


The list is growing quickly, so check back often for additions. You can also find me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Feel free to friend me and follow me - I'm here to field your questions and fulfill my duties as MonaVie Chief Blogger. How's that for alliteration.


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MonaVie Chief Blogger


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