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Jun 29, 2010

Fired Up! What now?

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="MonaVie CFO Devin Thorpe addresses attendees at the MonaVie International "Vision" Convention"]MonaVie CFO Devin Thorpe addresses attendees at the MonaVie International "Vision" Convention[/caption]

Like everyone else who attended convention last week, I left fired up!  I felt like I could conquer the world!

As I came back to work yesterday, I began to think about what I do with all of my new passion.   One of the great challenges that came from convention was the challenge to want to win more than I don’t want to change.  Inertia is a powerful law of physics.  If I keep doing what I’ve always done and expect a different result, that is insane (didn’t Einstein say something like that?).  So if I want to get a different result from my work, I’ve got to do it differently, not just better.

In my work, as the CFO of MonaVie, I have identified specific things that I will do to make my work more productive.  I am trying to remove stumbling blocks to success and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of my work.

As you go back to work today after the great convention (watch it here if you didn’t go), I want to invite you to think about the specific lessons you learned that can help you build your business more successfully.  What can you change?  What should you change?

You may want to think about the new Autoship Advantage Club.  How can you incorporate this program into your recruiting and training efforts to get more of your people on autoship longer and with larger orders?  Learn more about the Autoship Advantage Club here.

Last year at the Super Regional event here in Salt Lake City, we introduced the new Preferred Customer Program.  Did you know that this program can easily allow people to earn commissions approaching 100% of sales to Preferred Customers?  You may want to take some time to refresh your memory of this program as well (view my training video here.)

Finally, your upline has the training and systems that will allow you to follow proven paths to success.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or cut a new path.  Just let those who have gone before guide you!

If you are as fired up as I am, you are ready to walk hot coals to make your business grow.  Walking hot coals, however, won’t grow your business.  We all need to reflect on and refine our business processes to make sure that we don’t just do more of what we’ve been doing, but instead let’s use the passion from convention to change our behavior to make our business stronger!

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Devin Thorpe

Chief Financial Officer,  MonaVie

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