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Nov 30, 2009

Register for MonaVie’s Anaheim Regional and New FTC Guidelines

First MonaVie Regional of 2010

Register today for the MonaVie Regional in Anaheim, California. The event is January 23rd.

Register here:

Details will be posted to On the Move and an email will be hitting your inbox today so keep your eyes peeled, which is totally gross to say now that I think about it. Just be watching your inbox for the email with all the details.

FTC Rules to Know – Coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’ll be blogging about the new FTC guidelines that will affect us all. What are these you say? I’m talking about the new guidelines that govern the use of endorsements and testimonials when marketing anything. They are in effect December 1, 2009.

Here’s the link:

We’ll be touching on this a lot in the next little while, as well as begin discussing more of what you can say when talking about MonaVie and its products. Understandably, the biggest question that comes up after we remind distributors not to make claims is “What can we say?”

Indeed we prefer to be extra careful when talking about our products – and for good reason. We have a responsibility, regardless of the many amazing experiencing people have with the product, to adhere to the policies and procedures. But let's say we all understand why we don't make claims. Let's say we all understand the policies and procedures and why they are important. We might still be left wondering, what is okay, in terms of what we can say, relative to product science and ingredients, etc.

All in all, there are ways to send a powerful message about our products and the company overall without resorting to miracle claims. So, I vote we talk about that. Who’s with me? I believe most of you know the answers to this question, at least in part, so the discussion will mainly come from you. Still, let's get some of our experts, from compliance and product development and legal in on the conversation and see what we can come up with. Fun!

(M)mūn - Official Product Teaser

Lastly, the word on the street (and by street I mean MonaVie headquarters) is that an official product teaser video will be posted to MonaVie TV this week. Um, early this week. How’s that for a hint?

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Nov 30, 2009

Social Media Etiquette Tip #7

It’s NOT Vegas! – What happens on your site, or MonaVie sites, for better or worse may not just stay on your site. If you make an outrageous claim or offend one of your contacts, there’s a chance your mistake may just take on a new life on other websites, blogs, and the big Kahuna – Google. Social media sites are not the venue to provide proprietary information, disclose private financial information or post embarrassing comments and pictures of others. If there are ever any questions about MonaVie, their products, or information please refer to the MonaVie website or contact distributor support at or 1-866-217-8455. Product questions go to

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Nov 24, 2009

(M)mūn: First Product Details

How excited are we to talk about this new product? Super duper excited actually. We won’t give you everything just yet, mainly because we want to keep you itching for more – and remember the post where I said I like to tease? It’s still true. I do.

Product Science

There are many amazing ingredients in this blend but here are the first two you should know about…and practice pronouncing.

Jucara is an açai palm tree that differs in species from the açai, or euterpe olaecera, we've known and loved for a few years now. That açai is still the super star in (M)mūn, with jucara playing a close second, along with maqui.

Ma-whatie? Keep reading.


As we said above, jucara is an acai palm tree, native to South America. A drink made with this form of açai is widely consumed by the inhabitants of the northern region of Brazil. The jucara açai palm produces dark purple fruit that looks similar to a grape or blueberry. This fruit is rich in polyphenol antioxidants and according to laboratory testing; the jucara açai fruit has a strong ORAC value when compared to other fruits and vegetables.

Um, we like strong ORACs. I’m impressed so far. Now onto the next ingredient…

Maqui Berry

Maqui (pronounced “mä-key”) is a plant that grows in Chile and western Argentina. The deep purple maqui berry has been used traditionally for a variety of benefits including support for immune health and vitality. It also contains powerful antioxidants including polyphenols and anthocyanins, which help protect against the damaging effects free radicals can have on our cells. Maqui berry also supports healthier aging.

So did you catch that? Support for immune health and vitality. Does the name start to make sense? (M)mūn.

Want more? Of course you want more! Well, here’s some insider info then…Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Randy Larsen and VP of Product Management Jeff Graham will soon be taking a trip to South America and documenting their time there on Facebook. If you want to see pictures of the maqui berry and whatever else they come up with while there then follow Randy Larsen. You’ll have to friend him first:

We’ll also post his updates to our fan page but to get it first, be Randy’s friend.

Okay, thoughts? Feedback? More questions?

Coming up after the holiday break…more marketing talk and a video with Jeff Graham will further enlighten us on (M)mūn. Have questions you’d like answered? Leave them in the comments and between now and the January 2010 launch we’ll do our darndest to get those answered.

In the meantime…

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Nov 23, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Mention

Who's a Twilight fan? *screaming ensues*

If so, then it's possible you've already seen the MonaVie EMV mention is Harper's Bazaar "Holiday Survival Guide." There's a link to the story on On the Move if you haven't. We're mentioned about slide 14. Oh, and the cover is Bella and Edward from Twilight if you were wondering where that fit in.

Now I must pose the question - what keeps you going through the holidays? For me it's lighting the fireplace (and by lighting I mean flipping the switch that makes the fireplace magically light up. It's magic right? Right?) and sipping hot cocoa. Also, any opportunity to flex my shopping muscles gets me through anything quite well.

What about you?

Share this story with friends and contacts and further boost the Holiday Gift Pack sales over these merry weeks. Too self promotional? Well, tis the season right! Plus, those gift packs are mighty pretty. Just sayin'.

You can also RT (retweet) our mention on Twitter, "Check out the Harper's Bazaar 'Holiday Survival Guide.' MonaVie EMV is a must have (slide 14). How do you survive the season?"

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Nov 23, 2009

MonaVie Family

Look who's joining the MonaVie family! As in, the MonaVie family of products. Did you already get that? Okay, just wanted to make sure.

This is MonaVie (M)mūn and we'll be hitting you again with more details. For now, make sure you're a MonaVie Facebook fan and following us on Twitter so you can get in on the conversation.

So, what do you think? Isn't she pretty?

[caption id="attachment_241" align="alignnone" width="266" caption="MonaVie (M)mūn"]MonaVie (M)mun[/caption]

Nov 20, 2009

Weekly Round Up

MonaVie in the News

If you missed this story then I wonder where you’ve been.

MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Dallin A. Larsen was named the national winner of the Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award in the Emerging Category.

Read more about it on the MonaVie Media Center: Link

Then go to the EOY Magazine feature article on Dallin: Link

Then there is the BusinessWeek article: Link

And then of course there is the clip from the awards ceremony: Link

And his November message where he talks more about his thoughts after the EOY awards: Link

And then…and then…shall I go on? It’s everywhere and rightly so! What an awesome acknowledgement of Dallin’s leadership and MonaVie as an emerging company.

And don’t overlook this story that we sent out via Twitter earlier this week that features Dallin and MonaVie in the Direct Selling News EuropeLink

Current Promotions

First Time Order Promotion. Details are posted to the media center.

Then there’s the worldwide Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge.

And win a MonaVie EMV Smart Car in the MonaVie EMV YouTube Promotion. This ends January 1, 2010.

So many ways to go big or go home here at MonaVie.

Health and Obesity

We have highlighted the Cannondale team a couple times this week, which is a good segue to talking about all things healthy, namely exercise, diet and lifestyle.  It’s also important to be aware of obesity and its impact on our society. I’m not going to tell you to go rent Super Size Me but like I said, it is important that we are aware, namely because living healthy and subsequently the side effects of not living healthy comes up in our conversations all the time. Here are few interesting links to consider:

How healthy is your county? Go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and find out: Link

Here’s a follow up report by MSNBC: Link

Finally, a compelling study discussing obesity and how it hinders success when trying to reduce heart disease risk: Link

“Despite focused public health efforts, there is no net improvement in the overall cardiovascular risk factor profile over the past two decades in the U.S. population,” said Kami Banks, M.D., M.P.H., lead investigator of the study and a cardiology research fellow in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Banks is calling on the medical community to put more emphasis on prevention to reverse the obesity trend.

Looking Ahead

More details on the MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs will be coming your way soon. Check your inbox.

We have some fun guest blog posts coming your way too, in addition to more behind the scenes and teasers galore. Because we like to tease. Okay, okay, I like to tease.

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Nov 20, 2009

Social Media Etiquette Tip 6

Listen to Others- One of the first things users should do before contributing, is to listen, see how others post, look at what information is interesting to you and see how you fit into the conversation and community. Listen to the people commenting on your Facebook page or Tweeting at you. Understand where they’re coming from. You don’t know everything, and you can learn from others if you take the time to listen.

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Nov 19, 2009

Light Bulbs, Aha Moments and other Fabulous Ideas

Shout out to Jake Wilson on our MonaVie Facebook Fan page and @JoyMikhael on Twitter for posting the comments that prompted this post. It was the following questions left on Facebook and Twitter that got me thinking, which is always a good thing first thing in the morning:

Jake Wilson have you guys considered making an app of the virtual office for the iphone and other smart phones? Yesterday at 2:46pm

JoyMikhael @monavie who do we ask about MV mall needing more workout wear? 20 hours ago @ 02:28 PM

First off, both awesome ideas are ones I want to hear more about from our fans and followers; and second, what a great platform to start such conversations! Keep it up you smart people.

Yesterday, our guest post by MonaVie Public Relations Manager Julie Jenkins was ended with a call to action; that call to action being to submit those great story ideas to her either via comments, feedback or tweets or to simply email her at

I encourage you to take Ms. Julie Jenkins up on her offer. You may think, “Oh, I’m not sure my idea is worthwhile.” Um, trust me, it is and here at headquarters we value your ideas more than you realize. It is your ideas, as distributors and general audience of MonaVie, that spur action on our part. I mean, wasn’t MonaVie just an idea in Founder and CEO Dallin Larsen’s head? What would have happened if he never shared that glorious idea? You got it. Nothing would have happened. And then where would we all be? You don't have to answer that.

In addition, all those ideas about products, don't think we don't read every one and then document all of them for further conversation.

So please, open those brains and share it! Unless that hurts too much and then I'd say drink a couple ounces of MonaVie...and then open those brains and share those ideas. We’re so interested. Who knows if that idea looming in your head right now is the next idea that will take MonaVie, and your business, to that billion-dollar mark?

In conclusion, those light bulbs, aha moments and other fabulous ideas are only as good as how open you are with sharing them. Consider your corporate staff your ready audience and BlogMV, Facebook and Twitter your platforms.

Now get sharing!

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Nov 18, 2009

How to Get Past Security at Paramount: Tell Them MonaVie is at the Door

As public relations manager at MonaVie, I’ve found that our best news stories often begin with a telephone call from one of you.  In fact, around this time last year I received a call from a producer at the prime time hit television show, CBS The Doctors. As an enthusiastic user and distributor of MonaVie, the producer was eager to include our product on the show: “We are always covering health trends and I’d like to discuss the MonaVie product with you.”

Planning for the show commenced, and The Doctors asked us to send samples of MonaVie.  The show is filmed at Paramount Pictures in front of a live audience of 200, and we jumped at the chance to introduce our new product, MonaVie Pulse, to cast and crew members.

On the day before taping, I received a frenzied call from a production assistant…the product hadn’t arrived.  I was panicked!  Where could the shipment be?  As it turned out, the truck was being held at the gates at Paramount Pictures—security wouldn’t let it through.  A short phone call later, and after a smooth intervention by the production assistant, we were in.  Password?  MonaVie.

The segment aired on Wednesday, January 7, and thousands of viewers tuned in to see The Doctors name MonaVie and the acai berry among the “Top Health Trends for 2009.”  Reigning in at No. 7 on the list, hosts extolled the benefits of acai and its antioxidant benefits.  It couldn’t have been a better moment to kick off the New Year.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time here at MonaVie, it’s that our distributors have some pretty amazing connections. You open doors for us.  It’s not surprising that so many of our news stories begin with a simple telephone call.  I’m here to share the MonaVie story, and I’d love to share yours.

Think you have a great story idea?  Leave me a message in the comments section, or email


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Julie Jenkins

Public Relations Manager, Monavie

Nov 18, 2009

MonaVie Social Media Etiquette Tip #5

Maybe They’re Just Not That Into You – If you are constantly pushing your business, views and asking for help without giving back, you will find yourself with very few friends and even fewer receptive to what you have to say.

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