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Mar 29, 2010

EMV Lite – Another Give Away Opportunity!


So, you want another chance to win a sample can of EMV Lite? Here it be. Now pay close attention and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS I’m about to give. They will make the difference between you winning a can and…you not winning a can. I know, not a major deal in the grand scheme of things but I’m going for dramatic effect!

Here’s the deal:

Starting at 12 am midnight Mountain Standard Time TONIGHT (March 30), and for the 24 hours following (that’s midnight tomorrow night, March 31) send me an email at - and include the following exactly as I’ve written. This will save me time and I’ll love you all forever, which I know is incredibly important to you…as important as winning a can of EMV Lite.

Here’s what I want to see in your email to

Subject Line: EMV Lite

Email Body:

First and Last Name

Mailing Address

Email Address

Distributor #

Twitter name (if you have one)

We will choose at random a random number of winners to receive a sample can of EMV Lite. No need to send me more than one email. Duplicate emails will be deleted as will any entries sent prior to 12 midnight MST tonight (March 30) and those sent after 12 midnight MST tomorrow night (March 31). Winners will be announced this week.

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