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Sep 23, 2010

Cooler Talk: Giveaway #1

Well, who knew when I left it to you (please tell me you read that out loud!) that I'd lit a firestorm of ideas as to how to solve my dilemma. That dilemma being, how to give away three MonaVie-zied coolers to a few lucky distributors.

Aren't they pretty, er, I mean cool?


So, based on your great feedback, I've decided to do three different giveaways. The first cooler will go to a randomly selected commenter from the two previous posts on Facebook and Twitter regarding said coolers.

Using the site I simply plugged the total number of commenters into the tool and it spit out a number.

Please give a big hand to James Fluker from Houston, Texas who said, "Send it to Texas. We can sure use it to keep EMV cold in the heat we have."


James, please email me at to claim your cooler.

Next: We have two more coolers to giveaway and a great number of suggested ideas as to how to do that. I won't tell you when or how the next cooler will be given away but I will tell you it'll come with some added "surprise."

Until then...

Keep sharing it!

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