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Apr 10, 2010

Breaking News: National Tragedy in Poland

Just moments after posting Randy Larsen's last comments, related to the flooding in Brazil, he sent me the following to be posted immediately...we have more MonaVie friends in need of our support:

Dear MonaVie Family and Friends,

A few hours ago there was a national tragedy in Poland. The presidential plane crashed near Smolensk, Russia.

Besides the president and his wife they have lost ALL chiefs of every single army units in Poland including Chief of the General Staff.

Special forces chief, Navy chief, Airforce chief and all other known also died in the crash among others more than 80 passengers.

They lost central bank governor, Poland's last president-in-exile,  ?MPs, leading historians, senators, deputy speaker of the lower house, undersecretary of state, Deputy Minister of National Defense, Deputy Foreign Minister and many others.

Several months ago I visited Poland and we started business there shortly after. I have dear friends who live in Poland and we have thousands of MonaVie distributors in Poland. Our hearts, thoughts, prayers, and love are with the beautiful people and the amazing country of Poland.  The world mourns this morning. God bless Poland. We are all connected and this is everyone’s tragedy. It is a sad day for us all.

Please keep a prayer in your heart for all those affected by this sad news.

God bless,

Randy Larsen

MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman

For CNN coverage of the crash, go here.

UPDATE: It is Polish custom to change the landing page of a website to black and white when the nation has declared a state of mourning. In honor of this custom and our Polish friends, we have taken the MonaVie Poland website to black and white. Further, a message of condolence has been posted to the newsletter, in both English and Polish. Our thoughts are with you.

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