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May 10, 2010

Beautiful, Fast and Efficient

electriccarNot too long ago, one of my MonaVie colleagues, purchased an electric car that is beautiful, fast and efficient.  I love it!

As MonaVie’s CFO, I am frequently asked about the financial condition of the company.  As a privately held company, we don’t report numbers publicly so it is sometimes a challenge to express just how well we’re doing.

At the moment, MonaVie is operating just like that electric car.   The business is beautiful, fast and efficient.

Over the last 24 months, MonaVie has opened for business on four continents, bringing the total to five where we now do business.  Our company now does business in a multitude of languages as diverse as Bahasa Malay and Portuguese; we do business in Australian Dollars and Polish Zloty; our distributors are as diverse as any single group in the world, representing a tremendous heritage of religious and cultural traditions. And yet, for every distributor the opportunity to build is best right next door.  MonaVie is beautiful!

MonaVie is also experiencing rapid growth in Japan and Malaysia.  The launch of our business in Korea has been the biggest and most successful of any launch in the company’s history.  The overall business is growing.  No other networking company we can find has experienced growth like ours.  Our prospects for growth have never been brighter.  MonaVie is fast!

The health of a company can be measured best, perhaps, by its profitability or efficiency.  There are infinite ways to measure and compare efficiency and we’ve looked at every measure we can think of and can confidently say that MonaVie uses its resources wisely, makes appropriate returns on invested capital and operates with a margin of safety that preserves our commitment to pay commissions and ship product on time every week.  MonaVie is efficient!

Now, if I could just borrow the car…

DevinThorpe sig

Devin Thorpe

Chief Financial Officer, MonaVie

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