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Feb 8, 2010

American Exports

As an American in a shrinking world, I confess that I am not entirely proud of every single U.S. export.  While I love McDonald’s and eat my fair share of Quarter Pounders, I am not sure that McDonald’s represents America around the world the way I’d like to be viewed as I travel.

In contrast, America was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal.”  While we continue to refine—and expand—what this means in America, it is perhaps this principle that represents the greatest American export.

The principle that you and I deserve basic human rights and equal respect, regardless of our skin color, where we were born or where we worship was revolutionary in 1776 when America declared its independence.

MonaVie holds this principle as valid today in our business.  We welcome all, regardless of those things that make us different, to join MonaVie and receive the blessings of health and prosperity that come from living the MonaVie lifestyle.

We also celebrate the great successes of our distributors, especially those who have achieved the most.  Each such leader is an example of MonaVie’s great diversity, bringing unique personal perspectives and values.  We are proud of all that our leaders accomplish by sharing the juice and opportunity.

MonaVie is built on the great American value that all men are created equal.  Personally, I hope that one day, MonaVie will be viewed as the great American export, representing our commitment to share health and prosperity with every people of the world.


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Devin Thorpe

Chief Financial Officer, MonaVie

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