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Nov 17, 2011

5 Reasons You Should Catch the MonaVie 2.0 Momentum!

MonaVie recently issued a press release announcing the MonaVie 2.0 event in Dallas, Texas, this January, and it contained some compelling quotes from our leadership.

MonaVie Founder and CEO Dallin Larsen said, “The Dallas event will rock our company and this industry, will build upon the company’s previously unprecedented success and take MonaVie to a whole new level of significance.”

Jeff Cohen, MonaVie chief marketing officer, said that in today’s economic climate, in which Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton estimates that more than one billion people are either unemployed or underemployed, the launch of MonaVie 2.0 couldn’t come at a more opportune time. “MonaVie 2.0 will provide an exciting opportunity for the millions of people who are seeking a way to either replace or supplement their income,” said Cohen.  “The product innovations we are announcing, along with our universal distributor training solution, MVP, will offer individuals across the globe a whole new opportunity to change their lives—whether they’re already a MonaVie distributor or someone who is currently looking for a path to A More Meaningful Life.”

MonaVie 2.0 is not just an event, it is the “next generation” of MonaVie—and it all starts with you on January 13!

5 Reasons You Should Attend the MonaVie 2.0 Launch:

  1. MonaVie MVP – One system to unify us all! Take it from MonaVie CMO Jeff Cohen: “Its beauty is that it is a universal, all-in-one system that is designed by distributors for distributors. MVP will offer access to localized business tools, reliable and ongoing communications, corporate and distributor sponsored events, personal and professional development opportunities, promotional and branded premium items, and more—all designed to facilitate distributor success at any level. MVP will help new distributors start out right and then continue to achieve success all along the way, as they seek to achieve their personal business goals.”
  2. MonaVie RVLution —the biggest promotion in the industry with one million dollars in prizes for participants, easier enrollment, great products and much, much more!  After attending MonaVie 2.0, you and your friends will want to join MonaVie’s weight loss RVLution.
  3. New MonaVie Products – At MonaVie 2.0, you will discover a revolutionary new approach to MonaVie’s product line, and you’ll be among the first to see and experience it. It will be AMAZING, and it will change your business!
  4. New MonaVie Website – A newly designed MonaVie website will be unveiled, incorporating MVP and a fresh new look at MonaVie products. And, of course, all the great content and success stories you’re accustomed to seeing at
  5. The Experience – Ask anyone who has attended a MonaVie convention or tour event, and they will most likely smile from ear-to-ear.  That’s because these events are informative, motivating and a great way to truly experience MonaVie. MonaVie 2.0 will be all of this and more, including an array of great speakers and presentations—all designed to help you kick off your New Year right! 

Jeff Cohen summed it up best: “If you think MonaVie’s first act was groundbreaking, come join us in Dallas for what promises to be an historic event.”

So, will YOU be coming to MonaVie 2.0? It’s roll call time…let us know by leaving a comment below!

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