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Nov 13, 2009

MonaVie Social Media Etiquette Tip #3

Be YOU!! – Instead of using your favorite superhero’s name (or MonaVie – see your policy and procedures), why not use a variation of your own name?  You are a person first…not a brand. Use a picture of yourself (a good one) on your profile page, not a logo. Remember that social media is about being authentic, and if you are a distributor of MonaVie, then go ahead and reveal it in your bio. Be upfront, so there’s no question of who you are, what you do and what company you represent.

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Nov 13, 2009

Weekly Round Up

Today we thought we’d post something a little off topic of our ongoing social media posts. Our hope is that Blog MV becomes a resource for readers, a place to talk about everything from social media, to business, to lifestyle, to healthy living to what’s happening in the news, around the world and here at MonaVie. Always feel free to chime in with comments and feedback. Also, remember to tweet and retweet articles you find especially interesting.

Here’s this week’s round up:

Sheckter and Yokely Video

Has anyone watched this video of Sheckter and Yokley at the GNCC race? Even the best athletes can’t predict tree stumps:

Music Makes Exercise Easier

Whether it’s at the gym, running outside or when watching our favorite athletes prepare for competition, music and exercise seems to be a perfect marriage. Now there is some science to go along with our fascination with music and exercise, even down to the type of music that is best.

Check out the MSNBC article here:

What’s your favorite kind of music to exercise to? Fav songs?

Swine Flu
Ah, the dreaded swine flu. I’ll be happy when it decides to move its viral self on. The CDC, is currently reporting that almost all of the influenza viruses identified so far continue to be 2009 H1N1 influenza viruses.

Here at MonaVie headquarters we have Purel dispensers located outside of elevators and bathrooms, as well as in all meeting rooms, in an effort to isolate the cases of swine flu that seem to be popping up left and right. How do you (try to) keep yourself healthy? Are you washing your hands more? Avoiding public places as much? Wearing a surgical mask?

Well, that’s it for this week’s round up. Let us know what you think.

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Nov 11, 2009

MonaVie Social Media Etiquette Tip #2

Be Accountable & Remember Who You Represent – Social media is about being yourself, using transparency and authenticity to make and maintain your relationships. If you make a mistake, offend a friend somehow, own up to it and be accountable. Remember that what you say and do reflects not only on you, but also MonaVie.

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Nov 10, 2009

MonaVie Social Media Etiquette Tip #1

Be a giver –You’ve heard the adage, "it is better to give than to receive" and the same applies to social media. If you are looking to establish new relationships and further enrich current ones, you need to provide some value to the conversation. Be interesting...not a salesman.  Build a reputation online as someone who is credible, interesting and trusted. We also encourage you to comment, ask questions and make new online connections using Blog MVFacebook and Twitter, as well as other blogs and sites you visit.

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Nov 10, 2009

Tag, You're It: The Art of Tagging

Fact: MonaVie distributors are awesome. Day one of our social media campaign, starting with 843 fans, I say, "Hey, let’s get 2,000 fans on Facebook by end of day."

You turn out 3,000…and over 500 followers on Twitter. And it looks like you're just getting started.

Okay, onto business and by business I mean social networking and by social networking I mean fun. First things first, let’s talk about manners…because they’re important. Your mother told you so. For the next several days we’ll be giving you one new tip on social media etiquette. As stated here, take these tips to heart. They will keep channels open and foster better communication between you and your friends and soon to be friends.

Next, your action item for today is to visit MonaVie’s Facebook page at, hit the “Photos” tab and begin tagging. What is tagging? Well, it’s a great way to label your photos, as well as alert anyone in the photo you’ve posted new images of them, making it ever easier to search for photos of your friends…or of yourself. We don’t judge.

And are you still feeling clueless about Twitter? Here’s a great post by entrepreneur and columnist Guy Kawasaki on Twitter Cluelessness I highly recommend.

Now onto your first tip.

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Nov 9, 2009

Home + Entrepreneurs = Homepreneurs

As if you didn’t have your fill of made up words like tweets and tweeps and twitter-quette last week, I’m going to throw another one at you. Homepreneur…yes, that is the home entrepreneur. I didn’t make it up but I wish I had!

According to a recent BusinessWeek article, research now shows home-based businesses employ more people than venture-backed companies with some predicting home based business to double in the next 20 to 30 years.

I think they’re onto something and if you’re a MonaVie distributor, please feel free to pat yourself on the back for being ahead of the curve.

The article goes onto to say that companies wanting to reduce fixed costs by outsourcing business functions, through the use of technology  (We heart you Internet!), as well as, add work flexibility all contribute to the rise in these numbers. The global recession and job losses also play a part.

The Direct Selling Association has reported direct and retail sales performance generally follows the overall economy, as stated in this Utah Business Magazine article. Read more:

For example, if economic growth is one percentage point above average, real direct sales growth is slightly more than one percentage point above average…

However, recession years appear to be different.

Now pay attention here:

In years in which the economy has experienced a recession in any part of the year, direct sales have grown. For example, in the three recession years (1990, 1991, 2001)…direct sales grew more than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the years 1990 and 1991, saw inflation-adjusted direct sales growth in excess of five percent.

So what does it all mean?
Should we talk more about recession? I know, boo and hiss on recession. We are all tired of talking about recession. But let’s talk recession. Just for another minute.

With a global recession and unemployment numbers at highs not seen since the Great Depression, more people are looking for that control the economy doesn’t seem to provide.

I think our MonaVie President and Chief Operating Officer Dell Brown said it best in that same Utah Business Magazine article:

"The current economy is unprecedented and people are looking for ways to take control of their financial future.  Direct sales provide a way for people to do just that," says MonaVie’s Dell Brown.

Okay, so now it's your turn to weigh in. What do you think? Comments anyone?

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Nov 6, 2009

Will You Be My Friend?

Ah, Facebook, now that’s something we are all a bit more familiar with right? I mean it is a social media platform where it’s possible that my mother has more friends that I do. My grandmother too.

Even still, let’s do a quick 101 download, because it’s Friday and every Friday should be called Fun Facebook Friday. And you never know, there might be a few things you didn’t know about Facebook.

Here are the basics:

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking service that lets you connect with friends, co-workers, and others who share similar interests or who have common backgrounds. Many use it as a way to stay in touch after finishing school, or as a way to share their life publicly.

What makes Facebook different from other social networks is its extensive privacy controls, its development platform, and its large and quickly growing user base.  Currently Facebook boasts more than 300 million active users.

The following statistics from Facebook’s site show just how popular Facebook is becoming worldwide:

  • More than 300 million active users
  • 50 percent of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
  • More than 2 billion photos uploaded to the site each month
  • More than 14 million videos uploaded each month
  • About 70 percent of Facebook users are outside the United States
  • There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are almost 50 percent more active on Facebook than non-mobile users.

Why you should become a fan of MonaVie on Facebook?

By becoming a fan of MonaVie on Facebook, you will receive the following:

  • Notifications of the most recent news and updates on the MonaVie websites
  • Be able to post comments, view videos and pictures of MonaVie events, products and campaigns
  • Exclusive “Facebook Only” offers and discounts on MonaVie Mall items
  • Exclusive “Facebook Only” contests and promotions

So there you have it. We’re having a fun Facebook time already.

Facebook is awesome for interacting with friends and potential friends. You can upload photos and videos, post events, send private messages and of course there is the Wall Status, which is similar to Twitter feeds, in that you are basically sharing what’s on your mind. Facebook is generally a bit more personal, while Twitter is much more real time.

But again note, don’t abuse this platform by posting false ads or trying to sell your friends or you’re no better than this guy.

So, here’s today’s action item; if you haven’t done so already go to and create an account. And then become a fan of MonaVie at where we encourage you to leave comments and begin interacting with other fans.

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Nov 5, 2009

Twitter, Tweeting and Tweeps – Huh?

Alrighty, learning moment, part two. You’ll see a few more of these “educational” posts as we all get on the same social networking page so please bear with. There’s so much good stuff to share!

Let’s talk about Twitter. And tweeting. Sounds like a total foreign language from outer space right? Which makes a gal wonder, what language(s) do they speak in outer space? Let’s go with foreign so I can drive this point – that soon you will be fluent in this crazy new (foreign) language (from outer space), which is both alarming and exciting, no?

What is Twitter?

Twitter describes itself as, “a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: “What are you doing?”

Twitter is communication in a new shape, but it’s also a platform for listening to the communication of others in new ways. Twitter is a combination of various forms of communication like email, instant messages, blogs, etc., but its primary difference is that posts are restricted to 140 characters or less, which are called tweets. As a Twitter user you can post updates, follow and view updates from other users, and send a public reply or private direct message to connect with another Twitterer, or a tweep (I know, you can snicker a bit here but stay with me!).

Though users can answer the prompt, “What are you doing?” tweets have evolved to more than everyday experiences, and take the shape of shared links to interesting content on the web, conversations around hot topics (using hashtags), photos, videos, music, and, most importantly, real-time accounts from people who are in the midst of a newsworthy event, crisis, or natural disaster.

Remember the emergency landing of the US Airways flight into the Hudson River last January? How could you not, right? That dramatic story was broke on Twitter. In fact, TwitPics were being circulated before emergency vehicles were even on the scene.

It’s a whole new world we’re living in!

So in review:

  • Twitter is a new social media platform used to communicate with others about anything
  • A tweet is a 140-character post by you or someone you’re following
  • Tweeps are people you follow and follow you
  • And you now know enough to get started

Are you ready? If you haven’t already, go to Twitter and sign your bad self up. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and click “sign up”
  2. Create your user name and password
  3. Set up your profile
  4. Start tweeting

It’s that simple. Oh and you can start following MonaVie too – we’ll tell you why later…

Okay, that’s my attempt at building intrigue for our next post. How’d I do?

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Nov 5, 2009

More Twitter Talk

I realize that at this point you’re all pros since signing up on Twitter this morn and tweeting all afternoon but for the fun of it, let’s talk a little bit more about the Twitter basics.


Rules of engagement on the Twitter platform - good rules to live by when engaging with anyone on any platform actually. These are considered best practices in the online world and as we introduce these rules, take them to heart. They will serve you well.

D – Direct Message

A private message sent between two Twitterers, or tweeps. To direct message someone just simply type a “d” before their username and then the message.

@ Message

A public message sent directly to another tweep. Same method as the direct message, just know @ reply messages will go straight to your tweeps live Twitter feed and will be there for all the world to keeping it PG is a good rule of thumb.

RT – ReTweeting

The art of repeating, or retweeting, what someone else says and give them credit in the process. If you like a tweet then pass it on but always give credit where credit is due. It’s good manners. And people like people with good manners.


A way to categorize a common message and track tweets. For example, if I want to talk about, oh say, MonaVie Pulse I’d write something along the lines of “#mvpulse” before my message. So simple it’s ridiculous.

Note: Do not abuse the hashtag. This makes you no better than spammers and we all know how we feel about spammers (Answer: not good). Some say that the hashtag is a dying form, mainly because of the overuse and abuse by spammers looking to profit from hot key words. Still, it's people using it in good practice that will revive the hashtag so I'd say, keep it in your arsenal of Twitter know-how.

There you have it - a couple rules to live by in the Twitter-verse. That’s Twitter universe for those who are not following my Twitter talk (Twalk?).

Now onto the build up created in my last post:

Why you should follow MonaVie on Twitter?

Simply put, we want you to become part of the conversation on Twitter, whether that’s just telling us why you like the product, questions you might have, or to simply inform others on the site about something interesting. The latest MonaVie news is typically going to be posted to Blog MV, however by following MonaVie on Twitter you will also receive:

  1. Notifications of the most recent news and updates on the MonaVie websites
  2. Live and real-time updates at events
  3. Exclusive offers and discounts on MonaVie Mall items
  4. Exclusive “Twitter Only” contests and promotions
  5. Tips and information that will benefit you, your health and your MonaVie business
  6. Communication with MonaVie distributors!

That's what I got for you today.

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Nov 3, 2009

Why Social Networking?

How much do you know about social networking? Probably more than you think. As suggested in yesterday’s post, it is a fairly new platform, and by new I mean as in the last three years new. But it is catching on like wildfire and so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and begin using it, both personally and professionally. Trust me, it’s not as overwhelming as it appears. And all the cool kids are doing it.

So first things first, let’s answer that question that has most likely been looming in your head, or has recently been put there after reading the subject line to this blog post.

Why social networking?

Hey, look at you, asking the best question ever! Let me put on my professor's cap.

According to the latest Nielsen survey, 90 percent of global Internet users trust recommendations from people they know. This statistic speaks to the power of personal relationships, as well as, the power of the Internet in creating new connections and nurturing current ones through the use of social networking. But is social networking really that new? No way! MonaVie has been successful not only because it has assembled a great executive team, product line and opportunity, but because distributors who believe in said executive team, product line and opportunity, present them to their social networks.

And that's what Twitter and Facebook are - social networking tools that provide a more convenient way to stay in touch with existing networks, as well as, create new networks in the process.

Want more? You got it!

YouTube must-sees:

Social Networking in Plain English (video)

Social Media Revolution (video)

Getting Started:

Facebook Getting Started

Twitter Guidebook

Twitter in Plain English (video)

Was that helpful? Let me know by leaving a comment. Want to learn more? Let me know by leaving a comment. Have an idea for another post? I think you know what to do.

Now get out there and share it!

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