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Jan 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day!

“Martin Luther King made it so everyone can play together.” —My 5-year-old

Last night I asked my five-year-old son what Martin Luther King, Jr., Day was all about, to see what his awareness level was. He replied, “Martin Luther King made it so everyone can play together.” Truly a “from the mouth of babes” moment.

Then I got to thinking about MonaVie’s new MVP (MonaVie Values People) system, as it relates to this significant holiday. Martin Luther King, Jr., brought people and groups—and a nation—together. And, in its own way, this is what the new MVP distributor training system will do for MonaVie.

Created by MonaVie Corporate in collaboration with top distributor leaders, MVP eliminates the various distributor training systems that previously existed, and combines the best of the best under one proverbial roof and into one super training system. And while these individual MonaVie systems did, without question, see great success within their own groups, they could also, at times, be a point of confusion—especially for new distributors. But, now, wherever you go in the world of MonaVie, distributors will be teaching and learning from the same time-tested, proven methods for success.

We’ll keep you posted on developments related to the new MVP distributor training system. But, in the meantime, you can check out the details for yourself today at

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