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2014—Volume 4

Go Build the Fire
Scott and Sue Olsen

Imperial Black Diamond Executives Scott and Sue Olsen share their amazing MonaVie journey. Overcoming challenges and setbacks early on gave them the determination to go to work and build their fire.

Put the Fun Back in Tasting Parties
Matt and Kim Curtis

Black Diamond Executives Matt and Kim Curtis reveal the secret to sharing the juice and building the business…having fun! By showing your enthusiasm, others will want to “Drink it. Feel it. Share it.” too.


Build Locally. Think Globally.
Steve and Gina Merritt

Crowne Black Diamond Executives Steve and Gina Merritt share their incredible MonaVie story and how they’ve built their thriving business. They’ll also reveal plans to break 100 new Diamonds in two years.

The Power of Aim, Attitude, & Action
Rex Crain

Motivational speaker Rex Crain explains that you are the most productive and profitable where you are the most focused. Winning is a habit that you can create by implementing the three A’s: aim, attitude, and action.

Bonus Disc AUDIO 5
Never, Never, Never Give Up
Frank and Cindy Soucinek

Black Diamond Executives Frank and Cindy Soucinek share what they’ve learned from their 28-year industry career. By using fear as a motivator, they overcame their obstacles and built belief.

Book of the Month
Game Plan for Life
Joe Gibbs

Written by 3-time Super Bowl and NASCAR championship winning coach/owner Joe Gibbs, Game Plan for Life shows readers how to live a balanced, God-centered, purpose-filled life, using examples from Coach Gibbs’ own storied championship careers as a backdrop.