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2014 — Volume 12

How to Move Your Business Forward
Lance and Tracey Smith

White Diamond Executives Lance and Tracey Smith explain the difference between being busy and being productive. If you focus your time on income-generating activities, your business will always move forward.


Health Pro Model
Mark MacDonald and Austin Larsen

MonaVie’s Fitness and Nutrition Expert Mark MacDonald and V.P. of Global Community Marketing Austin Larsen introduce the health pro model. Now health professionals have three ways to supplement their income and make a real difference in their local communities.


I Am Going to Become More
Randy Schroeder

Royal Black Diamond Executive Randy Schroeder reveals everyone has the power to become more in this industry. By developing positive attributes and skills, you’ll attract others to MonaVie and you.


The 4 Teams of Life
Henry Marsh

MonaVie Founder Henry Marsh reveals we have different teams in our life that bring out the best in us. The level that you serve others will ultimately determine your own level of success and happiness..


Bonus Disc AUDIO 5
What is Your Shot?
Jeff Osborne

Motivational speaker Jeff Osborne likens the game of life to the final seconds of a championship basketball game. Every single day we have opportunities to take a shot. What shot could change your life?


Book of the Month
Winning with People
John Maxwell

Relationships are at the heart of every positive human experience. The most sophisticated leaders and salespeople will pick up on skills that will make them even better, and relational novices will learn skills that can transform them into relational dynamos.