Can current Preferred Customers and Distributors receive the Balance 2-week trial FREE?
No, there is a limited supply of the Balance 2-week trial. Only new customers are able to participate in the promotion. Of course, current Preferred Customers and Distributors can purchase the 4-week supply of Balance at any time.

Do I have to get on AutoShip before I can receive the Balance 2-week trial?
No purchase is required to receive the trial. However, MonaVie’s helpful call center associates will automatically ask all new customers to enroll with 1 box of Balance in their AutoShip order.

Will a new customer be enrolled as a Preferred Customer or as a distributor?
Since “active” distributors are required to have at least a 100 PV AutoShip order and Balance is only 50 PV, all callers will be enrolled as Preferred Customers. As part of a quality enrollment, sponsors should follow up with new customers to tell them about MonaVie’s other exceptional products and encourage them to become distributors via the business opportunity.

Does the Balance 2-week trial have PV?
No, the Balance 2-week trial is an enrollment tool. It is free so there is no revenue or PV associated with the promotion. Sponsors get PV from future purchases of Balance so it is important to follow up with each new customer.

How many 2-week trials can I receive?
Since only a small quantity of Balance 2-week trials were manufactured, there is a limit of 1 FREE trial per household.

Why can’t I get the Balance 2-week trial in the Virtual Office?
The Balance 2-week trial is limited to new customers only so any person that wants the trial must call the dedicated toll-free number: 1-855-997-5646.

As a distributor, can I buy multiples of the Balance trial to give away as enrollment tools?
There is a very limited amount of Balance 2-week trials so there is no inventory available for distributors to purchase the trials in bulk. However, if the promotion goes well, more Balance trials will be manufactured and all distributors will be notified via email.

Will I be charged for calling the 1-855 number?
No, 1-855-997-5646 is a toll-free number so there is no long-distance charge.

Is the trial available in Canada?

What about other countries like Mexico?
Not at this time. However, if the promotion is successful, we will introduce it to other international countries.

Product FAQs:

What are the key benefits of Balance?

  • Balance won’t take away life’s stresses but it can help you cope better
  • Balance contains all-natural ingredients from around the world

AM Formula

PM Formula

    • Helps increase physical and mental energy
    • Helps promote feelings of energy and happiness
    • Helps you deal with everyday stresses
    • Helps create a sense of well-being
    • Promotes a calm, relaxing evening


What are the key ingredients?

  • Ashwagandha – Helps to normalize epinephrine and norepinephrine levels to help our bodies adapt and better handle stress
  • Magnolia Bark – Helps normalize cortisol levels to help alleviate the tension and irritability that comes with stress
  • Indian Gooseberry – Antioxidant and blood flow enhancer to help counteract the oxidizing effects of stress
  • Tongkat ali – Helps normalize testosterone levels and helps alleviate the exhaustion and fatigue that come from chronic stress
  • New Zealand Pine Bark – Calms brain neuron excitability and helps our brains recover faster from stressful events

How soon will I feel a difference?
Each individual’s body is different (metabolism, levels of stress, natural hormone and cortisol responses, etc.). Balance users have reported feeling a difference (happier outlook, better sleep, less emotional reactivity, better mental focus, etc.) within 3 days.

Can men take Balance or is it formulated just for women?
Both men and women can benefit from taking Balance.

Can pregnant or nursing women take Balance?
Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their doctor before consuming Balance.

Why are there different pills for the morning and night?
The AM formula contains ingredients to help your body with physical and mental energy and stress hormone balance – all necessary during the day. The PM formula contains ingredients to help calm both your body and mind so you get a more restful sleep.

What are the capsules made from?
The capsules are vegetable gel capsules.

Can children or teenagers take Balance?
Balance is recommended for anyone 18 and older.

Is there açai in Balance?
No, Balance does not contain açai.

Do I need to drink Rest if I take the Balance PM pill?
Each person’s body is different and some people need extra help in falling asleep. We recommend that you start with Balance and then add Rest, if necessary.